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Purchase of Linen

Sources of purchase

  • Direct from manufacturer

  • From wholesale store

  • Sales representative

An individual hotel may buy linen as per Housekeeper’s decision or in case of a group hotel, it may be ordered by Central Purchase.

There are three major factors to be considered when purchasing linen:-

  • Quantity

  • Quality

  • Size


The quantity of linen purchased is largely dependent on the following factors:-

  • size of the establishment

  • standard of the organization (will determine the frequency of change)

  • turnover or occupancy

  • laundering facility

Generally, a hotel should have a minimum of three sets of linen Linen Coverage is a term used to refer to the total number of sets of linen maintained by the hotel and their distribution. The number of sets is also referred to in terms of ‘par’.


The best quality linen must be selected within the available budget.

To select good quality linen, it is necessary to give due importance to:-

  1. fibre selection and quality of yarn

  2. thread count – the total number of warps & wefts in 1sq. in. of grey goods fabric. The total thread count should be above 150. The balance between warp and weft is also important. The warp is higher and the weft should be no more than ten less. (indicated on fabric as warp no. X weft no) This balance is especially necessary for stretch recovery during flatwork ironing.

  3. finishes especially colour fastness

  4. reputed manufacturers It is advisable to obtain samples and launder them to observe the effects of laundering.


Purchasing linen of the correct size is extremely important as wrong sizes can affect the appearance and even hamper operations.



  • Single 78” x 108” (203 cm. x 274 cm.)

  • Double 90” x 108” (224 cm. x 274cm.)

  • King size 117” x 108”(295 cm. x 274 cm.)


  • Standard 20” x 30” (50 cm. x 75 cm.)

  • King size 20” x 40” (50 cm. x 100 cm.)


  • Single 70” x 100” (175 cm. x 250 cm.)

  • Double 90” x 100” (228 cm. x 250 cm.)

  • King size 116” x 100”(290 cm. x 250 cm.)


  • Bath sheets/Bath Blankets 40” x 70” (100 cm. x 178 cm.)

  • Bath Towels 30” x 54” (76 cm. x 137 cm.)

  • Medium-sized Towels 22” x 40” (56 cm. x 100 cm.)

  • Hand Towels 15” x 24” (38 cm. x 60 cm.)

  • Face Towels 10” square (26 cm. square)

  • Roller Towels 18” (45 cm.) width in huckaback

  • Bath Mat 24” x 36” (60 cm. x 92 cm.)

Table Linen:

  • Square Tablecloths: 36”, 54”, 63” or 72” square (91, 137,160. 182 cm. square)

  • Rectangular Tablecloths 52” or 90” x 72” (133 or 230 cm. x 183 cm.)

  • Serviettes 24” square (60 cm. square)

  • Cocktail Napkins 10” square (26 cm. square)

Handling linen from purchase to use to laundering and storage before it is used again is a difficult task requiring much expertise as well as close supervision. Each system has its own merits and linen control must be balanced against saving time and wages.

Primarily, purchase records must be correctly maintained as they form the basis of stock-taking. Daily records keep a track of linen on a day-to-day basis. It is also necessary to maintain a record of condemned linen and any remakes from these discarded items to provide a clear picture during stocktaking.


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