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Some topics for Research Project

Topics compiled by:
Piyush Bajpai

  1. Case study of any mineral water bottling plants.

  2. Feasibility report of a Speciality Restaurant in your area.

  3. Case study of a Britannia biscuit manufacturing unit.

  4. HACCP

  5. Steps taken for women safety in Delhi

  6. IHMites opting airlines & retails as their career choice/ option.

  7. Production of Beer

  8. Concept of tent rooms in Villa properties.

  9. Scope of tourism development in Varanasi

  10. Guest satisfaction in Domino's

  11. Popularity comparison b/w McDonalds & KFC

  12. Case study of service kitchen in Delhi & NCR

  13. Eco-hotels

  14. Eco-friendly practices followed in hotels

  15. Indian breads

  16. Security threats in hotels

  17. Hygiene & fixed quality in 5-star hotels

  18. Distillation of Rum. Case study of Old Monk

  19. Case study of a brewery in India

  20. Wine tourism


And a lot more.

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