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Issuing and Exchange of Uniforms & Type of Uniforms

A) Issuing uniforms to new employees

In the case of new employees, uniforms are issued against a specific authorization letter received from the personnel department. The employee is required to sign for his or her particular uniform. A UNIFORM ISSUE SLIP is provided to the employee by the personnel department to let him/her prove that he/she is a new employee in the organization. The uniform is then issued from the linen room, where the name of the department and the items issued are entered in the uniform register and the signature of the employee is taken.

Uniform register

Uniform Issue Slip

B) Issuing uniforms to regular employees

There could be any of the following procedures involved:-

  • One on one basis: Also known as clean for dirty basis. A uniform register is maintained by uniform staff.

  • Uniform Slip Method: when employees deposit the soiled uniform and take the clean one on the following day, make out the uniform exchange slip in duplicate. Original slip is given to the employees and duplicate is retained in uniform slip book.

  • Master key to lockers: Uniform attendant may be given a master key to all lockers so that at the convenient time, he can put the clean uniform and take the dirty, but this invades the privacy of employees.

  • Hanging soiled uniforms outside the lockers: Employees hang their soiled uniforms outside the lockers and the laundry attendant can collect and replace them with the clean ones.

But in the majority of Hotels, uniforms are usually given to employees on a one-for-one basis, that is, one fresh uniform for a soiled one.

On leaving the hotel, an employee has to get a signature for ‘uniform clearance’ from the linen room supervisor, failing which the last pay cheque is withheld.

Uniform exchange procedure –

  • A uniform register in which the movement of uniforms is recorded is maintained by the uniform room supervisor.

  • Check the uniform being returned for any damage.

  • Issue a fresh uniform strictly on a one-for-one basis (fresh for soiled).

  • In some hotels, specific days may be stipulated for different departments for the convenience of uniform room.

  • In case a soiled set is received and no clean uniform is issued simultaneously, a uniform exchange slip may be made out with the details of items turned in. now, when the employee wishes to get a fresh set, he gives in the slip and receives the items stated in the slip.

  • Employees should be responsible for keeping their uniforms in good condition. If the soiled uniform cannot be mended, the matter should be reported to the supervisor.

  • Soiled uniforms are sorted as per item, department, fabric, the degree of soiling, etc. they are inspected, counted and dispatched to the laundry against a Daily Delivery of Uniforms Form giving details of items sent, received, the quantity and any balance still pending with the laundry.

  • All uniforms should be discarded when found to be unusable and a proper record maintained to account for their absence during stocktaking.

  • Uniforms should be inventoried at least quarterly.


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