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How Hotels Protect Guests From COVID-19

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

By Gaurav Karn

As welcome businesses bit by bit open up, guests need to understand how hotels shield guests from COVID-19. Here are some things hotels will do to organize. Luxury travellers take 24-hour room service, spa and salon services, and a concierge who will snag a hot table at a fully booked restaurant for granted. however, the pandemic has modified a lot of of what's affordable to expect. By following agency, WHO, and health department tips, hotels will reassure guests that it's alright to come back. Hotels will shield guests from COVID-19 and for that many hotels had already started preparations.

Cleaning High-Touch Surfaces You won’t realize unmasked smiles or handshakes, however hotels area unit investment in additional cleansing and disinfecting, with special attention to high-touch surfaces. Elevator buttons, ice machines, handrails, and lobby tables can get wiped down many times on a daily basis. Luxury hotels had already begun adopting no-touch technology. Cellphones become space keys. Apps enable guests to request or defer work to specific times, to avoid encounters with employees. In-room tablets management everything from light-weight switches to temperature on one easy-to-clean surface. Hotels area unit coaching work employees a way to use sanitizers that has to continue surfaces till they evaporate to be effective.

Linens should be laundered with side disinfectant. Hotels that keep their salons open ought to supply employees PPE, together with masks and face shields, and need guests to wear masks. Providing masks for guests is an understandable strategy. exercise rooms can get frequent cleansing and disinfect with sanitizers approved to be used against existing and rising germs. Hand Sanitizer Replaces Bowls of Mints. The front office area is high traffic zones. Guests can realize assemblage reminding them of the necessity for social distancing and frequent handwashing. Employees can sanitize countertops oftentimes and hand sanitizer replaces the candy dish. No-touch, paperless arrival and -out is already acquainted with guests at luxury properties.

Changes in Food Service. Buffets are probability over for good. Hotels that supply many eating choices skills to run economical building kitchens, they will unfold guests between out of doors eating choices and completely different restaurants, maintaining social distancing. Hotels with nimble kitchens will pivot quickly from plating many dishes and sending them out to tables to bagging entire meals, using disposable containers and utensils. Room service can work a lot of like no-contact, take-out delivery. Physical menus can disappear, and orders are transmitted through the hotel’s app or in-room tablets.

Ventilation. One area that hasn’t gotten enough attention is however HVAC systems in buildings might contribute to the unfold of COVID-19. The proof is building that sensible ventilation and access to out of doors air is a vital protection. Vital approach hotels will shield guests from COVID-19 is by retrofitting HVAC systems to extend air exchange and by adding HEPA filters. The most effective resolution is acquainted with luxury travellers: windows and doors that admit outside air. Most luxury resorts offer non-public out of doors house, and a few in heat climates offer non-public dipping pools. The pandemic has modified luxury travel however hasn’t concluded it entirely. Hotels can open up, finding ways that to create spas, exercise rooms, and pools attractive, even with masks and capability limitations in situ. - Read new blogs every week!

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