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Equipment provided to Sewing Room

Types of equipment in a sewing room

  • 2/3 sewing machines, manual or motor preferably with a foot treadle which leaves hands free for darning; thread release on looper for tension control so as to enable stitching to be carried out on fabrics of varied thickness; different runner attachments to facilitate zig-zag stitching, edging, mending and darning.

  • A sewing kit containing: Sharp scissors

  • Snippet scissors

  • Threads of various colours

  • Buttons of different types

  • Plain pins, sewing needles and machine needles

  • A ripper

  • Spare bobbins

  • Machine oil and machine repair kit

  • Tailor’s chalk and pencil

  • Ruler and measuring tape

  • A heavy/steam iron with an ironing board and a powerpoint in the vicinity

  • Above all, good lighting is essential to facilitate the sewing functions without eyestrain.


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