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Commercial and On-site Laundry

In any residential establishment, a lot of dirty linen accumulates in the various units and departments. It is essential to ensure a continuous supply of linen, which is well laundered so that operations can be carried out smoothly and efficiently. Linen is an expensive item, so how it will be laundered requires serious consideration. People involved in handling linen should have some knowledge of the process.

Although it is essential that good quality linen is purchased, the life of the linen depends on the care of linen in use and the treatment it gets at the laundry. A good laundry facility ensures the following:

– Careful handling of linen articles while laundering – Correct processing and use of a suitable laundry agent – While materials are kept white, excessive bleach is not used – Proper counting and records maintained to avoid shortages of linen – Speedy operations to meet operational requirements - Sound policies regarding damages or loss

Commercial & Off-site Laundry

A commercial or off-premises laundry refers to laundering activities performed outside the establishment i.e. it is given on a contract basis to specialists in the field. In a rare circumstance, the laundry is contracted and on-premises. The laundered items can be expected to be returned to the hotel in one to two days. Contracting out the laundry services comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Heavy investment in space and equipment is avoided.

  2. Reduction in labour costs

  3. Expensive technical experts need not be employed


  1. Higher linen par stocks are required

  2. Reduced control over standard of cleaning

  3. Greater chances of loss and damage of linen

  4. The contractor may be less flexible in case of emergencies

On-Site or On-Premises Laundry

An on-site or on-premises laundry refers to laundering activities carried on within the establishment by staff employed by the hotel. The decision as to whether to buy your own laundry or to use a rental service that provides clean linen according to a contract is difficult and many factors must be considered. Whether there should be laundry on the premises in a property is a decision that the management must take long before the building is built or is extensively remodelled. Only occasionally it is possible to fit a complete facility into a property after construction is completed. The decision is made after careful comparisons that take into consideration not just the fairly substantial cost of equipment, but also of labour and supplies


• Time taken for laundering is reduced because transportation is eliminated. • Linen is readily available especially in the case of emergency requirements. • Control can be exercised over the wash process and the laundry agents used making the wear and tear on linen comparatively much lesser. • Pilferage is reduced. • The ‘par’ stock required is reduced. • Revenue is earned from guest laundry


1. Cost of equipment and its maintenance is fairly high. 2. Must be justified by an adequate amount of linen. 3. More staff who are technically qualified and adequate space is required.


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