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5 Best things about being a hotelier

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Our world is moving fast and what is moving faster is career options. Millennials are opting for more unique and different academic qualification to set themselves away from the crowd. Many choices bloom as youth inclined towards them like mass communication, animation and hotel management {hospitality}. Hospitality as a career emerged in 2010 and has developed itself a long-term rewarding choice. But what really sets hospitality or hotel jobs different from your typical 9 to 5? What you get different from other professional carers? Let's see.

1. Food, food and drinks that you never heard of. While your average job offers corporate food, people working in hotels or restaurants get to eat exotic dishes especially if you are in a kitchen or food & beverage department. During my time in a hotel I used to eat a lot of bakery dishes {baklava, brownies, muffins, exotic pieces of bread etc.} and in the main kitchen, chefs are allowed to cook their own meal whether they are assigned in continental or Indian section. I used to have sautéed prawns and tandoori chicken a lot. You will come across some dishes whose name you can't even pronounce. {As per policy staff is instructed to eat in staff cafeteria only but you know CHEF IS ALWAYS RIGHT}

2. People and culture If you are in the front section of the hotel {reception area} or working as a cabin crew chances are that there will be a lot of interactions with the foreign guests who are visiting your city or travelling with you. People speaking different languages, coming from different parts of the world, having different eating habits all together mold into unique learning and life experience that no other job can offer you. It feels like you in a James bond movie minus spy part. Another perk of being a cabin crew is to travel to exotic locations without worrying about a visa.

3. Your workplace becomes lavish and exotic If you ever been to a hotel's lobby you know how lavish they are.

Equipped with modern furnishings and superb interior decor

they are the new face of modern marvels.

They make everyone to say "wow". Check out ITC Mughal’s Lobby [Agra, India]

4. Perks So now you must be thinking that "So what Your job still pays you better and your company offers you the best perks in the industry", Well think again! Don't forget that hoteliers are the one who makes your office parties crazy. So I bet we surely know how to enjoy when it comes to ourselves. And then on the other hand salaries and other perks offered to hoteliers are also very attractive. Why because tourism is one of the fastest growing industry in the first world and other developing countries are also covering up.

5. Knowledge Do you know what is a Zubrowaka*? Or What is an Ackee**? I guess not. Well, these are some of the lesser known but popular dishes around the world. One thing that no other job offers is the lifestyle, travel and food knowledge that won't cost you a penny and will keep you updated for the good.

{ *Zubrowaka is a polish vodka that is manufactured with a blade of bison grass. }

{**Ackee is the national fruit of Jamaica}



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it is a nice article cite the various advantages which keep us going ahead and may be inspiring to survive the industry. But the reality is heaps of misery, I think we are just a bunch of people who are left out and not capable enough to be working in the better industries as a result, we ought to swing by to some 3rd tier course which belongs to the customer service industry. After that you’ll be a person who works in big houses and dealing with some random people’s sh*ts, faking a smile & fair skin gonna be the bread & butter for a bunch of maids working in those big houses. We are too dumb to work at…

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