3rd/4th Semester

Front Office MCQs

1 Which Of This is not a type of Heritage Hotel

  1. Heritage Grand    

  2. Heritage    

  3. Heritage Old 

  4. Heritage Classic

2 Creation Of Guest Folio comes under which of the following stage

  1. Arrival    

  2. Pre Arrival    

  3. Departure    

  4. Stay

3 European Plan Includes

  1. Room Rate + Breakfast    

  2. Room Rate + Breakfast + Lunch    

  3. Room Rate + Break fast + Lunch/Dinner    

  4. Only Room Rate

4 When a hotel do not charge a guest for the room rate from a guest it is called 

  1. Crib Rate    

  2. Complimentary Rate    

  3. Travel Agent Rate    

  4. Advance Purchase Rate

5 Which Of This is not a method of establishing an end of day

  1. Hourly Basis   

  2. 24 Hour Basis    

  3. Ci CO Basis    

  4. Night Basis

6 Who handles left luggage formality and maintains the baggage check room

  1. GRE    

  2. FOM    

  3. Bell Captain    

  4. Duty Manager

7 Airline code of Singapore Airlines

  1. 9W    

  2. BA     

  3. CX    

  4. SG

8 Rate Offered to attract high volume of business from special market segment. 

  1. Half Day Rate    

  2. Volume Guaranteed Rate    

  3. Crib Rate    

  4. Travel Agent Rate

9 Reservation Type 1 in Fidelio Means

  1. Guaranteed To CC    

  2. Wait Listed Reservation    

  3. Non Guaranteed Reservation    

  4. Tentative Reservation

10 Registration Card Is used in which stage of guest cycle

  1. Departure    

  2. Pre Arrival    

  3. Arrival    

  4. Stay

11 Bermuda Plan Includes

  1. Room Only    

  2. Room + Continental Breakfast    

  3. Room Rate + American Breakfast    

  4. Room Rate + Breakfast + Lunch

12 A guest is about to board a flight no CX123, which airline is he boarding

  1. British Airways    

  2. Lufthansa    

  3. Cathy Pacific    

  4. Jet Airways

13 one important thing that is kept in washroom in a hotel room is

  1. Hair Dryer    

  2. Menu Card    

  3. Torch Light    

  4. None of the above

14 a list maintained by hotel of those guest who are not welcomed in the hotel

  1. Bucket List    

  2. Black List    

  3. Welcome List    

  4. All Of The Above

15 Term used to denote money given on behalf of the guest

  1. Skipper    

  2. Paid Out    

  3. Money Out    

  4. Sleep Out

16 A Hotel Situated in the heart of the city

  1. Suburban Hotel    

  2. Transit Hotel    

  3. Commercial Hotel    

  4. None Of The Above

17 Which of this is NOT a member of HRACC

  1. Secretary Of Tourism    

  2. State Chief Minister    

  3. Director of Tourism    

  4. Regional Director of tourism

18 Which of this is NOT a classification of hotel on the basis of Ownership

  1. Chain Hotel    

  2. Independent Hotel    

  3. Residential Hotel    

  4. Franchise

19 CRS Full form

  1. Central Registration System    

  2. City Registration System    

  3. Central Reservation system    

  4. None Of The Above

20 Which of this is not a reservation report

  1. Commission Agent Report    

  2. Managers Flash    

  3. Refusal Report    

  4. Stay Over List

21 MAP Is Also Known as

  1. En Pension    

  2. Bread and breakfast    

  3. Demi Pension    

  4. None of the above

22 This plan includes room rent and all meals of the hotel

  1. Bermuda Plan    

  2. European Plan    

  3. En-Pension Plan

23 A Day in which the hotel will not accept any negotiated rate

  1. Free Date    

  2. Black out Date    

  3. Sold Out Date    

  4. None of the above

24 Payment card charges disallowed/reversed when a card holder protests the legitimacy of a charge is known as

  1. Charge back    

  2. Reversal    

  3. reverse charge    

  4. None of the above

25 Reducing the room rate significantly for a given date or dates is called

  1. Dump Rate    

  2. Reduced rate    

  3. Low rate    

  4. No Rate

26 Guest who checks out of the hotel after his /her originally scheduled checked out date is known as

  1. Stay over    

  2. Under stay    

  3. Departure    

  4. Over Stay

27 Hotel term for a day or season between two busier time period

  1. Shoulder Date  

  2. Low dates    

  3. Low season    

  4. None Of The Above

28 Term used for a room rate that changes during a guests stay based on room demand

  1. Double rate    

  2. Different rate    

  3. No Rate    

  4. Split Rate

29 Guest who is not scheduled to check out of the hotel on the day his or her room status is assessed

  1. Stay Over    

  2. Over stay     

  3. Stay    

  4. None of the above

30 Term used to denote that a guests room rate is not to be displayed on the guests copy of the folio

  1. No Post    

  2. No Rate    

  3. Suppressed rate    

  4. Rate show


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