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2nd Semester
Food Production MCQs

1. Sauces are liquid or semi liquid mixtures which are added to
a) any food.         

b) desserts
c) meat, poultry, fish, etc.   

d) soups

2. The principal purpose of a sauce is
a) nutritional value.   

b) enhance the flavour of food
c) gives moisture.

d) to garnish

3. Which one is a hot emulsified sauce?
a) hollandaise

b) mayonnaise

d) hot butter sauce

4. Which sauce can be used to add contrast in taste to fresh roast pork
a) apple sauce

b) apple cinnamon sauce
c) remoulade sauce


5. Sauces should never be used to change
a) texture

b) moisture
c) flavour

d) essence

6. Which one of the reason causes lumpiness
a) incorrect consistency
b) due to starch
c) burning of roux
d) adding liquid too quickly and not stirring continuously

7. What should be the texture of béchamel sauce
a) grainy & rough

b) smooth & rich
c) soft & silky

d) watery & runny

8. Which one of the following is a derivative of béchamel sauce
a) sauce chasseur
b) sauce nantua
c) sauce bordelaise
d) sauce robert

9. What is the ratio of flour, butter& milk
a) 1:20:1

b) 1:2:1
c) 2:1:2

d) 1:1:20

10. Which of the following goes in sauce fine herbs.
a) tarragon, parsley & chervil
b) celery, parsley &bay leaves
c) tarragon , cloves & chervil
d) cloves, bay leaves & celery.

11. What does the word Veloute indicates
a) veal

b) vivid

c) vischi

d) velvety

12. Sauce piquanta and sauce matelole are derivatives of
a) Espagnole

b) bechamel
c) voloute

d) emulsified

13. Which sauce is also known as Sauce Parisienne
a) sauce joinville

b) sauce ivore
c) sauce allemande

d) sauce supreme

14. Why emulsified sauce is difficult to make?
a) because it requires time
b) supply of ingredients is difficult
c) curdles easily
d) did not mix easily

15. Clarified butter is a way of separating the ____________solids from the ____________ fat
a) milk, animal
b) whey, butter
c) soy fat , margarine
d) milky fat, pure butter

16. Which of the following is NOT a mother sauce 
a) Béarnaise sauce
b) bechamel
c) hollandaise
d) mayonnaise

17. Mayonnaise can be prepared only by cooking 
a) true.                     

b) false

18. Which bacteria is present in egg yolk
a) compylobacter
b) E.coli
c) salmonella
d) listeria monocytogenes

19. In the preparation of sauce verte what we add in the mayonnaise
a) finely chopped  shallots
b) spinach and watercress
c) chopped Gherkins and capers
d) mustard

20. Which sauce goes with asparagus
a) buerre chaud
b) sauce verte 
c) sauce choron
d) sauce foyot

21. In which butter we add blanched herbs and shallots
a) bercy butter
b) basil butter
c) garlic butter
d) ravigot butter

22. In beurre rouge we use
a) beer
b) red wine
c) white wine
d) rum

23. Juslie is 
a) apple sauce
b) thickened gravy
c) lobster sauce 
d) mint sauce

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