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6th Semester

F&B Operations MCQs

1. The person in charge of room service in a hotel is called a:

a) demi-chef de rang
b) chef d’etages
c) chef de rang
d) station head waiter

2. The person who serves alcoholic beverages in a restaurant is called a:

a) commise de rang
b) trancheur
c) sommelier
d) debarrasseur

3. Silverware can be polished using which of the following systems:

a) Gueridon
b) Helitherm
c) Ganymede
d) Polivit

4. The main use of a waiter’s cloth is for:

a) wiping customer’s fingers after eating snails
b) polishing plates and glasses when laying them on the table
c) covering stains on the tablecloth
d) wiping spilt food from the carpet

5. If wine is spilt on the tablecloth a waiter should:

a) clear the table of everything and sponge the stain with milk
b) cover the soiled area with a clean table napkin by unrolling it over the spillage
c) ask the customers to wait in the lounge while he fetches a clean cloth
d) take the plates of food to the sideboard and change the cloth

6. The correct accompaniments for roast grouse are:

a) bacon rolls, meatballs, jus lie, heart-shape croutons spread with duxelles
b) gravy, bread sauce, fried breadcrumbs, game chips, watercress
c) redcurrant jelly, grapes, slices of kiwi-fruit, horseradish s·auce
d) cranberry sauce, chestnuts, thyme and parsley stuffing, chipolatas

7. The main accompaniments for curried chicken, apart from rice, are:

a) plain boiled potatoes, quenelles, Matignon of vegetables
b) mangos, stuffed tomatoes, chateau potatoes
c) fried onion-rings, chou-paste gnocchi, turned mushrooms
d) poppadums, sambals, Bombay ducks

8. Horseradish sauce should be offered when serving:

a) smoked mackerel
b) wiener schnitzel
c) fried whitebait
d) roast leg of lamb

9. The correct accompaniments for a grilled steak are:

a) grilled mushrooms and tomatoes, anchovy butter
b) straw potatoes, watercress, parsley butter
c) fried onion-rings, streaky bacon, picked parsley
d) fried egg, a slice of truffle, horseradish sauce

10. A customer who orders Coeur de Filet would expect it to be:

a) braised lambs heart
b) stewed ox-tail
c) fried calf’s liver
d) fillet of beef

11. Grissini is another name for:

a) small brioches
b) Melba toast
c) thin breadsticks
(d) slices of French bread

12. State which of the following dishes is eaten raw:

a) contrefilet bouquetiere
b) entrecote minute
c) steak tartare
d) tournedos Rossini

13. Sorbet is a:

a) mild herb used in making stuffings
b) refreshing water ice served midway through a banquet
c) cold sauce served with globe artichokes
d) continental smoked sausage

14. A Chateaubriand is a:

a) porterhouse steak
b) thick rump steak
c) thick salmon steak
d) double- or treble-size fillet steak

15. Canard it la Presse is:

a) roast wild duck finished by the waiter
b) pot-roasted Aylesbury duckling with herbs
c) duck liver pate flavoured with Armagnac
d) conserve of duck and goose with calvados

16. A Mixed Grill consists of:

a) pork chop, veal kidney, button mushrooms, pineapple ring, chips
b) lamb cutlet and kidney, chipolata, bacon, tomato, mushroom, straw potatoes.
c) thin sirloin steak, fried onion-rings, slice of liver, fried egg, sausage, cress.
d) mutton chop, slice of black pudding, scrambled egg, fried bread, tomato.

17. The liqueurs used to prepare Crepes Suzette should be:

a) Kirsch and Maraschino
b) Curaao and Grand Marnier
c) Tia Maria and Benedictine
d) Glayva and Marnique

18. A gueridon is a:

a) moveable sideboard
b) mobile table for doing lampwork
c) cigar and liqueur handcart
d) trolley for taking used crockery and cutlery to the wash-up

19. State which of the following selections represents the ideal cheeseboard:

a) Cheddar, Camembert, Stilton, demi-sel, Wensleydale
b) Gruyere, sbrinz, Emmenthal, Parmesan, bel paese
c) Edam, Gouda, processed, quark, mozzarella
d) Gorgonzola, Stilton, Rocquefort, MycelIa, danablu

20. The main accompaniments for caviar are:

a) ratafia biscuits, quarters of lemon, grated Parmesan
b) fingers of hot toast, melted butter, quarter of lemon
c) brown bread and butter, oriental salt
d) Melba toast, mayonnaise, French mustard

21. When serving gulls’ eggs the accompaniments should be:

a) horseradish, acidulated cream, game chips, spiced salt
b) chopped capers and gherkins, vinaigrette dressing, cayenne
c) chilli vinegar, oriental salt, mustard and cress, walnut oil
d) sieved yolk and white of hard-boiled egg, tabasco, peppermill, lemon

22. Decide which of the following items require a finger bowl:

a) avocado pear, shrimp cocktail, smoked salmon
b) fruit basket, fresh asparagus, artichaut vinaigrette
c) cantaloup melon, pate maison, potted shrimps
d) caviar, foie gras, corn on the cob, half grapefruit

23. The best way to deal with a customer who complains about poor service is to:

a) apologise
b) offer him a free drink
c) inform the head waiter
d) try to make excuses

24. Which of the following groups does not contain a liqueur:

a) Campari, Cherry Brandy, Grande Champagne, Goldwasser
b) Grappa, Schnapps, Bacardi, Pernod
c) Drambuie, Glayva, Grand Marnier, Drambuie
d) Benedictine, Creme de Menthe, Kahlua, Cointreau

25. A humidor is a box in which:

a) a hydrometer for measuring density of liquids is kept
b) all the gratuities given by customers are pooled
c) waiter’s checks are placed whilst waiting for the food
d) cigars are kept in perfect condition

26. The abbreviation ‘B and B’ means:

a) a bartender’s beaker
b) Benedictine liqueur and brandy
c) a barbecue for spit-roasting foods outdoors
d) Babycham and Bacardi

27. The Gay-Lussac system of measuring alcoholic strength shows Scotch whisky to be:

a) 750 degrees under proof
b) neutral grain spirit
c) 25 0 over proof
d) 40% by volume

28. Which well-known cocktail is made of vodka and tomato juice:

a) Bloody Mary
b) Harvey Wallbanger
c) Manhattan
d) White Lady

29. A table d’hote is a:

a) meal comprised of main dish and sweet
b) set menu, sold at an inclusive price
c) list of all the available dishes each individually priced
d) sequence of dishes in categories from soup to sweet

30. The term a la carte means:

a) a set menu without any alternatives or beverages
b) a carte du jour menu inclusive of coffee and service charge
c) a series of dishes as chosen by a customer and cooked to order
d) a prix-fixe menu with several choices on each course

31. Which of the following is the best source of Vitamin C in the daily diet:

a) baked beans on toast
b) new potatoes sprinkled with parsley
c) oatmeal porridge with gold syrup
d) hot beef essence such as Bovril

32. Which of the following groups are all single hors-d’oeuvre:

a) potato salad, stuffed celery, asparagus vinaigrette, salade ni«oise
b) tunny fish, sardines, Russian salad, Japanese salad
c) Florida cocktail, seafood cocktail, smoked trout, foie gras
d) cauliflower a la grecque, coleslaw, stuffed tomatoes, oysters

33. In which line are all items farinaceous:

a) tagliatelle, gnocchi romaine, carolines, cromeskis
b) canneloni, macaroni, fritto misto, piroquis
c) ravioli, risotto, pilaff of rice, lasagne verdi
d) vermicelli, polenta, zampino, pignatelli

35. The correct sequence of lay-out on a cafeteria counter is:

a) main course, sweet, cash till, cutlery, paper napkins
b) cold dish, soup, main dish, sweet, sundries, beverages
c) snacks, vending machine, microwave oven, tray stand
d) cutlery, trays, condiments, called order, cash till, water font

36. Which of the following groups of nuts is correct for dessert?

a) chestnuts, coconuts, pecans
b) pistachios, macadamia, pine kernels
c) almonds, walnuts, brazils
d) peanuts, filberts, cashews

37. Decide which menu is the best composed:

a) Egg mayonnaise, Chicken Pancake Mornay, mashed potato, carrots, steamed chocolate pudding
b) Melon Cocktail, Curried Beef and Rice, Brussels sprouts, boiled potatoes, bread and butter pudding
c) Cream of Tomato Soup, Chicken Chasseur, Vichy carrots, Rissolee potatoes, Strawberry Flan
d) Cream of Leek Soup, Blanquette of Lamb, cauliflower, newpotatoes, Vanilla mousse

38. Which line is comprised only of sherries?

a) tarragona, montilla, bual, ratafia, campari
b) muscatel, alto douro, sercial, mead, schnapps
c) Malmsey, Marsala, Malaga, Madeira, Verdelho
d) fino, manzanilla, amontillado, sack, oloroso

39. The cover laid for an a la carte meal consists of:

a) teacup, saucer and teaspoon, ash-tray, cone-shape serviette
b) fish-knife and fork, side-plate and knife, centre plate with a napkin on it
c) joint-knife and fork, soup spoon, side-knife, glass
d) complete accoutrement of cutlery, crockery and glasses

40. Serving a room service meal, a waiter should

a) knock on the door loudly and announce his presence:
b) look through the keyhole and if he sees the guest is up, go straight inside
c) carry the tray at waist level and enter the room
d) carry the tray shoulder-high in his left hand, knock and wait until
told to enter

41. Decide which group consists of natural mineral waters only:

a) Tonic water, Cola, Soda water syphon, Bath Spa
b) Perrier, Malvern water, Vichy, Spa
c) Chartreuse, ginger ale, citronelle, bitter lemon
d) Grenadine, cordial, cona, perry

42. A rognonnade is a:

a) loin of veal cooked with the kidney in it
b) hard roe of the sturgeon
c) stew of lamb kidney, chipolata and mushrooms
d) mixture of cockscombs and kidneys

43. Say what steps you would take if you accidentally spilt sauce on a customer’s jacket:

a) offer to have it cleaned if you cannot remove it with warm water
b) dab it with some detergent and hot water
c) go and tell the head waiter what happened
d) fetch a damp cloth and wipe the stain off quickly

44. Tick the line of foods which are most closely associated with Scotland:

a) succotash, angel-food cake, clam chowder, chicken a la king
b) truffles, frog’s legs, foie gras, glace cherries
c) garlic, salami, pastasciutta, pizza, olive oil
d) haggis, arbroath smokies, finnan haddock, smoked salmon

45. Which of the following is the correct lay-up for use with the famous French dish, bouillabaisse:

a) hot joint-plate, finger-bowl and soup-spoon
b) soup-spoon and soup-plate, fish-knife and fork
c) tureen and ladle, large fork and lobster crackers
d) large plate, dessert spoon, lobster-pick and tongs

46. Which is the correct liqueur for making Cafe Calypso?

a) Kahlua
b) Cura~ao
c) Tia Maria
d) Ron Bacardi

47. The definition of amontillado sherry is:

a) rather fragrant and slightly sweet
b) mellow but medium-dry and nutty
c) very dry and crisp
d) darkish coloured and medium sweet

48. From which of the following areas does Nuits Saint-Georges come:

a) the Cotes du Rhone
b) the Cote d’Or of France
c) The Rioja of Spain
d) the Mc5doc region of Bordeaux

49. Say how many bottles and of which of the following are required to serve 180 customers with an aperitif each:

a) 2 dozen Dubonnet
b) 7 bottles of Campari
c) 6 dozen litres of vermouth
d) 15 bottles of Manzanilla

50. In which form of food service does the customer help himself from the dish held by a waiter:

a) a la carte
b) family
c) ala Russe
d) banquet

51. Petits fours are served:

a) with the coffee
b) with the aperitif before a meal
c) with the soup
d) halfway through a meal, with the sorbet

52. A bisque soup is made of:

a) scallops, sturgeon or clams
b) lobster, crab or prawns
c) mussels, oysters and cockles
d) potted shrimps, squid and scampi

53. The staff of the still-room are responsible for the preparation of:

a) fruit baskets
b) porridge, boiled eggs, hot beverages, Melba toast
c) salads, the cheese board and cold buffet
d) breakfast cereals, hot sandwiches

54. Decaffeinated coffee may be defined as:

a) strong because it contains chicory
b) flavoured with figs in the Turkish style
c) continental high roast made in a Cona machine
d) having the stimulant caffeine removed

55. Real pate de foie gras is made from:

a) fattened goose liver
b) best quality calfs liver
c) duck livers in a pastry crust
d) venison flesh and salt pork fat

56. The term ‘Menage’ on the duty list refers to:

a) slicing and buttering brown bread
b) filling the cruets, preparing the lamps
c) polishing cutlery and glassware
d) making butter pats and Melba toast

57. Which of the following is the most junior member of the brigade:

a) a chef d’etage
b) a dumb waiter
c) the demi-chef de rang
d) the commis debarrasseur

58. Which one of the following items requires a finger bowl:

a) melon with Parma ham
b) oysters in the half shell
c) grapefruit cocktail
d) hors-d’oeuvre varies

59. Under which circumstances should a waiter write an ‘en place’ check?

a) when a customer changes his mind and asks for something else
b) to obtain the customer’s coat from the cloakroom
c) if a customer asks for a double brandy with his coffee
d) if a customer finds he cannot afford the prices

60. The traditional sequence of courses for an elaborate dinner is

a) soup, egg, fish, entree, savoury, cheese
b) hors-d’oeuvre, soup, fish, meat, sweet
c) fish, entree, releve, cheese, sweet, coffee
d) soup, farinaceous, meat, cheese, dessert

61. Food and beverage is a general term used in

a) Serving
b) Catering
c) Hospitality
d) None of the above

62. Food and beverage service can be divided in categories

a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5

63. Which of the following combination of items would you find at a waiters’ station?

a) side plates, dessert bowls and water glasses
b) napkins, menus and dessert cutlery
c) sugar bowls, teaspoons and coffee plunger
d) tablecloths, under plates and bread knives

64. At which stage of food service should pre-dinner drink glasses be removed?

a) after the bread has been eaten
b) just before the main course is served
c) after wine has been ordered for the table
d) when the drink is finished

65. The term “catering” refers to:

a) setting up a banquet operation
b) serving a banquet operation
c) selling a banquet function
d) all of these

66. Which of the following is not a direct report to the director of food and beverage operations
in large hotels?

a) Human resources manager
b) Purchasing manager
c) Accounting manager
d) None of these are typically direct reports

67. The standard cocktail glass is often referred to as

a) flute.
b) martini.
c) hurricane.
d) old fashioned.

68. The machine that dispenses soft drinks is called a

a) pre-mix.
b) post-mix.
c) prep mixer.
d) distributor

69. Which item of equipment is used to keep food hot on a buffet?

a) chafing dish
b) sizzling plate
c) Gueridon trolley
d) wooden chopping board

70. An indication that a guest’s plate is ready to be cleared is when
a) the guest stops eating.
b) the food has gone cold.
c) the guest has left the table.
d) the knife and fork are placed together on the plate.

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