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Important Rules for Wine Service

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Wine service is the presentation, uncorking, and pouring of wine. It takes place when a customer orders a bottle of wine for the table. A sommelier is responsible for the service of wine.

Here are the most important rules which have to be kept in mind while serving;

Right glassware:- The ideal glass for the service of wine is plain and thin. Wine glasses are stemware, having stem and bowl. The bowl tapers in at the rim, giving the wine adequate room to breathe and concentrating the aroma toward the nose when the wine is sipped. Wine glasses come in many shapes and capacities. The minimum capacity of a wine glass is 7 oz.

Right Temperature:- Each & every wine has a particular serving temperature. It is very important to know the right service temperature as it helps in developing the best flavour of that particular wine.

Handling of the bottle:- Wine bottles should be handled carefully while transporting to the table and during the service.

Right quantity:- Wine should be poured in the right quantity in the appropriate glass. The quantity of wine served varies according to the policy of the establishment and the wine glasses are selected according to the quantity.

There you go! We hope that you'll keep in mind these important points while serving wine.

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