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SOP | Handling Booking requests and procedures at Concierge

Department: Front Office – Concierge

Time to Train: 30 Minutes

Transportation Booking requests:

  • Be intimately familiar with and able to arrange for a wide variety of services for the guest, at the minimum including:

  • Reservations for airlines, hotels, restaurants, and rental cars.

  • Tickets for theatres and sporting events.

  • Limousines, tours, and other transportation.

Excursion or Tour Booking procedure:

  • Call the ticketing service.

  • If booking can be organized in advance, make the booking and reconfirm all the information with the guest.

  • If no booking is required, explain it to the guest.

  • Give directions and a map if needed.

In-House Facilities or Restaurant Booking procedure:

  • Check availability with FNB or other outlets eg: SPA, Recreation center etc.

  • Concierge must call all outlets every morning to ensure the Concierge quota of bookings of the day. When they have reached the quota check with outlet to increase it.

  • Note the name of the guest, number of pax, room number and time on the reservation log book.

  • Ensure that all bookings are confirmed by F&B.

Outside Restaurant Booking procedure:

  • Always try to sell our own restaurants before talking about outside restaurants.

  • Guest books via phone (from their room) Note all the guest information.

  • Explain to the guest that you will get back to him after calling the restaurant and booking the table.

  • Fill up a booking voucher and offer the guest to bring it to their room. If the guest doesn’t want to be bothered offer to keep the voucher at the concierge desk for him to pick it up later.

  • Guest books at the Concierge desk

When Guest has time:

  • Call the restaurant while the guest is at the desk. Confirm name, number of pax and time.

  • Note the name of the restaurant, time, address and phone number for the guest and offer direction if needed.

When Guest is in a hurry:

  • Note all the information and explain to the guest that you will book the table for him and send him a confirmation in his room with all the details .

  • Take a phone number to be able to contact him if needed.

  • Note all the bookings in the concierge log book

Training Summary questions:

Q1. How to handle transportation booking request from Guests?

Q2. Procedure for booking tours and packages for guests?

Q3. How to book outside restaurants for guests?

Q4. What to be done in case the allowed concierge quota for In-house reservation is exhausted?

Q5. Why concierge staff should try to sell own restaurant before suggesting outside one?


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