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SOP | Handling Baggage Pickup Request at Departure

Department: Concierge - Departure Baggage Pickup Request

Time to Train: 20 Minutes

Departure Luggage Pickup Request:

  1. Guest luggage to be brought down quickly and carefully and either placed in storage or loaded into the departure vehicle.

  2. Always pick up the phone within 3 rings and follow the hotel's standard telephone greetings.

  3. Quote the time that the bell attendant will be at the room of the guest.

  4. Re-confirm the room number and verify the same with the hotel software.

  5. Ask whether you can assist in printing their invoice for check out.

  6. Inquire whether they will be needing a taxi, limousine service or the pickup of their car.

  7. Close the phone call by saying “My pleasure Mr./Mrs. Bond, I will send up the bell attendant right away. Is there anything else I can help you with? Have a good day and thank you for your stay in our hotel.”

  8. Take a check out tag and proceed to the room.

  9. Knock the door.

  10. Pick up luggage from the room.

  11. Tag the luggage and guest items with the luggage tag if the same is missing.

  12. Check for fragile/breakable items.

  13. Check all drawers, shelves, cupboards, bed, side table, bathroom etc. and make sure guest has not left anything behind.

  14. Luggage to be brought down using the luggage/service elevator only and avoid using the guest elevator.

  15. The supervisor will check with the reception if the bill has been settled.

  16. If the bill is pending and guest has already left, contact the duty manager. Do not call the guest back.

  17. Thank the guest for staying with the hotel and bid them farewell. (Thank you for staying with us Mr Bond. Have a pleasant journey and hope to see you again soon.)

  18. Record the departure details on to the departure errand card and hand over to the front desk/cashier for signature.

  19. Record the departure details in the logbook.

If the Guest Request for Taxi:

  1. Ask when the taxi is needed.

  2. Ask for his destination.

  3. Explain the fair details to the guest.

  4. Ask the guest if the tax to the airport or other destination, and the amount to be charged to the final guest invoice.

  5. The Concierge team should then organize a taxi.

Other Related Tasks:

  1. Inform the Front Office Agent or Cashier to have the invoice printed and ready.

  2. Inform the MiniBar Attendant to check the consumption.

  3. Inform the Doorman to keep the guest car ready at the portico (In case of retrieval of guests own car).

  4. Inform the Doorman to announce for the guest car if the driver is accompanying with the guest.

  5. Verify the flight status and promptly inform the guest about any expected delays.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of this SOP?

Q2. How to close the phone call with the guest?

Q3. What needs to be done if the guest requests a taxi?

Q4. Explain the guest luggage pickup procedure?

Q5. What are the related tasks when guest request for the luggage?


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