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SOP | Directing or Escorting Arrival Guests to the Room

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

Department: Concierge / Bell Desk

Time to Train: 30 Minutes

Purpose of this SOP:

The first impression that the guest gets from the hotel will last and the hotel needs to make sure that a guest who stays for the first time in the hotel will get all relevant information in an effective way while he is escorted to his room.

The Concierge staff and Bell Desk team are often the first point of contact and should have good product knowledge & good knowledge of the city and places of interest to give clear directions/recommendations to the guests.

Directing Guest to Room Standard Procedure:

  1. Present yourself to the guest with a genuine smile.

  2. Always offer the guest to carry his/her bags.

  3. Always try to walk to the right of the Guest while directing to their room.

  4. Walk a short step ahead of the Guest maintaining a distance of 2 feet from him/her.

  5. Smile warmly and maintain eye contact when conversing with the Guest.

  6. On the way, briefly explain the hotel features and facilities which the guest needs to know (e.g. breakfast room, restaurant timings, pool area, spa access, complimentary hi-tea, city drop, boat ride etc.).

  7. Walk professionally without making any noise.

  8. Assist the guest to call the lift by pressing the button to get the lift for the guest.

  9. When the lift door opens gesture with your open palm gesture.

  10. Explain how to use the room key to activate the elevator if appropriate.

  11. Once the lift arrives at the floor, gesture the Guest out first and then direct the Guest towards their room as above.

  12. Once you reach the room, open the door for the Guest.

  13. Demonstrate how to use the room key.

  14. Open the door and gesture the Guest to the room.

  15. Ask Guest permission to enter the room and ask if they wish to have an explanation of the room.

  16. If the answer is yes, show the room and explain e.g. TV use, mini bar, air-conditioning, lightning etc.

  17. Offer further assistance.

  18. Wish the guest a pleasant stay.

  19. Leave the room and close the room door behind slowly.

Other General Points to note while directing/escorting guests:

  • Be aware of the exact location of the facilities in and around the hotel.

  • Always explain in a clear and simple way.

  • Escort the guest whenever possible or have him/her escorted by another Associate.

  • Also ensure that you are aware of all health and safety procedures, especially in case of an emergency.

  • Know the location of the nearest fire exit, assembly point etc.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of this SOP?

Q2. What should be the minimum distance between you and guest while escorting them to the room?

Q3. How to assist the guest with calling elevator?

Q4. Should you explain how to open the room door to the guest?

Q5. What are the other points to check while directing the guest to the room?


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