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Housekeeping Terminology

CL – Chain Lock – Guest has placed a Chain Lock in the room.

Cleaning in progress: Room attendant is currently cleaning this room.

CO – Check-Out: The guest has settled his or her account, returned the room keys and left the hotel.

DL – Double Lock – Guest has put a double lock in the room.

DNCO – Did not check out: The guest made arrangements to settle his or her bills ( and thus not a skipper), but has left without informing the front desk.

DND – Do Not Disturb: The guest has requested not to be disturbed

DO – Due Out: The room is expected to become vacant after the following guest checks out.

EC – Early Check-in: Guest has requested for an Early Checkin and is being allowed to check-in earlier than the normal/standard check-in time of the hotel.

H/L – Heavy Luggage – Guest has Heavy or more luggage than usual.

HU – House Use – Room is used by the hotel staff or someone staying from the management team.

L/L – Light Luggage – Guest has light or very less luggage.

LC – Late Check out: The guest has requested and is being allowed to check out later than the normal/standard departure time of the hotel.

LO – Lockout: The room has been locked so that the guest cannot re-enter until he or she is cleared by a hotel official.

MUR – Make-Up Room

N/L – No Luggage – Guest has no luggage also know as Scanty Baggage.

NCI – Newly Checked In – Room was checked in within the last one to two hours.

NS – No Show – A guest who made a room reservation but did not register or Check-in.

OC – Occupied and Clean – Room is Occupied and Cleaned by the Housekeeping.

OCC – Occupied: A guest is currently occupied in the room

OD – Occupied and Dirty – Room is Occupied and yet to be cleaned by the housekeeping.

On-Change: The guest has departed, but the room has not yet been cleaned and ready for sale.

On-Queue: Guest has arrived at the hotel, but the room assigned is not yet ready. In such cases, the room is put on Queue status in-order for the housekeeping staff to prioritise such rooms first.

OR – Occupied and Ready

Out of Order (OOO): Rooms kept under out of order are not sellable and these rooms are deducted from the hotel’s inventory. A room may be out-of-order for a variety of reasons, including the need for maintenance, refurbishing and extensive cleaning etc.

Out of Service (OOS): Rooms kept under out of service are not deducted from the hotel inventory. This is a temporary blocking and reasons may be bulb fuse, TV remote not working, Kettle not working etc. These rooms are not assigned to the guest once these small maintenance issues are fixed.

Skipper: The guest has left the hotel without making arrangements to settle his or her account.

Sleep-out: A guest is registered to the room, but the bed has not been used.

SO – Sleep Out

SR – Service Refused – Guest refused to clean the room.

Stayover: The guest is not expected to check out today and will remain at least one more night.

V – Vacant

V/C or O/V – Status Unclear – (Either the room is Vacant and Clean or Occupied or Vacant) need to be verified by the Housekeeping staff.

Vacant and ready: The room has been cleaned and inspected and is ready for an arriving guest.

VC – Vacant and Clean – Room is Vacant and Cleaned by the housekeeper.

VCI – Vacant, Cleaned and Inspected – Room is Vacant, Cleaned and Inspected by the Housekeeping Supervisor.

VD – Vacant and Dirty – Room is Vacant and Dirty.

VR – Vacant and Ready – Room is Vacant and Ready for Check-in


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