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Hotel Entrance, Lobby and Front Office

Here is a list of equipment and furniture, racks and cabinets, etc. usually used in hotels run on manual/ mechanical and automatic systems, i.e., non-automated, semi-automatic, and fully automatic systems.

1. Front desk/Counter (for all systems)

2 Bell desk and Concierge desk (for all systems)

3. Lobby desk (for all systems)

4. Travel counter (for all systems)

5. Key and mail rack (semi-automatic and non-automatic system)

6. Mail sorting rack (non-automatic, semi-automatic system)

7. Mail forwarding file (semi-automatic and non-automatic system)

8. Duplicate key rack (non-automatic, semi-automatic system)

9. Guest history filing cabin (non-automatic, semi-automatic system)

10. Reservation tiling cabinet (non-automatic, semi-automatic system)

11. Page board (for all systems)

12. Safe vault and in-room safe (for all systems)

13. G.R. cardholder (for all systems)

14. Typewriter (semi-automatic and non-automatic system)

15. Bulletin boards (for all systems)

16. Photocopying machine (semi-automatic and non-automatic system)

17. Duplicating machine (semi-automatic and non-automatic system)

18. Room rack (semi-automatic and non-automatic system)

19. Reservation rack (semi-automatic and non-automatic system)

20. Billing machine and posting machine (semi-automatic and non-automatic system)

21.Cashier well/bucket (non-automatic, semi-automatic system)

22. Date and time punching machine (semi-automatic and non-automatic system)

23.Credit card imprinter (non-automatic, semi-automatic system)

24. Telephone (direct line and intercom)

25. Various office and business machines

26. Rotatory rack (semi-automatic systems)

27. Postal weighing scale (manual system)

28. Luggage trolleys/Bellhop trolleys (manual system)

29. Luggage net (manual system)

30. Telex machine (manual & semi-automatic system)

31. Complete computer system hardware

32. Revolving rack (semi-automatic system)

33. Reminder-o timer (manual system)

34. Franking machine ( semi-automatic & manual system)

35. Perpetual year planner/Status board (manual system)

36. Information rack (semi-automatic system)

37. Magnetic stripe reader (Reads data magnetically encoded and stored on the magnetic tape strip on the back of a credit card and wires that data to a credit card verification source and the credit card verification service either approves or disapproves the transaction)

38. Voucher rack (All systems) This rack is used to keep the guest signed vouchers for future reference and is located near the account posting system.

39. Cash Register (semi-automatic system). These are designed primarily to record sales transactions and to hold cash. Most cash registers also include printing devices for producing transaction tapes, sales receipts, and inventory and price controls. A variety of operations can be performed by the use of various keys.

40. Stencil Duplicator.

Front Office Layout



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