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Hierarchy Area of Department & Kitchen


Hierarchy refers to the flow of authority from top to bottom in an organization and with respect to the kitchen. It refers to the flow of authority commencing from executive chef and goes to the bottom i.e. kitchen staffing refers to not only assigning the positions but also filling them with the suitable manpower.

Staffing is the actual strength of the employees working at different levels, which depends upon the various factors as:

• The extent of the menu and the market a kitchen is serving.

• Use of prepared convenience foods.

• Types of equipments available.

• Need of skill involved at the various levels

• The size of the establishment

Kitchen organisation: The organisation of the hotel and restaurant kitchen depends upon the:

• Size of the operation

• Type of the menu

• Type of the service

• Type of clientele.


Chef Auguste Escoffier gave the concept of classical brigade, which means the actual work force requirement of any particular establishment. He divided whole of the kitchen into parties/ corners and the system is followed in the organizations. Purpose of classical brigade to fix the duties and responsibilities and fix the area of work by party/ corner we mean grill party, roast party, vegetarian party etc. It was the time when few machines were available so more need was there to know about the manpower requirements.

Classical brigade

Executive chef (chef de cuisine)

Second chef (Sous chef)

Chef de Partie

Commis i

Commis ii

Commis iii


Helpers/ trainees


In the present scenario, the modern hotels have various CDP’s under the SOUS CHEF who have specialized in a particular field.


1) Planning menu: he has to take into consideration all the factors which influence the menus and the chef has to take a critical note of all the activities which are important in the menu planning. Care should be taken of various things such as eating trends, raw materials availability and variety of the meals.

2) Forecasting: before indenting and buying, the chef must be able to produce the accurate estimates of the volume of production. He must consider the following points:

a) Previous year’s sales during the same time period.

b) Sales forecast from f & b service departments.

c) Volume of daily enquiries for the parties.

d) Chef’ s own experience.

3) Purchase: the food cost will grow up if the purchasing is not done in an optimum manner. Excessive raw materials result in pilferages whereas shortage of raw materials results in the loss of business and decrease in the no. of clientele.

4) Planning work schedule: it is the duty of the executive chef to ensure that the schedule of work is planned in such a way that enough work forces are available all the time. So, the work schedule should be properly planned in order to ensure man power availability during the peak season and festival time.

5) Staff hiring: although the final decision rests with the personnel manager but the details of the staff hiring are given by the executive chef because he is the one who is actually taking part in the day to day operation with kitchen staff.

6) Training: the chef will give the demonstration of the new dishes which he wants to introduce in the menu. So, it’s his duty to plan the training program’s not only for new comers but also for the existing staff.

7) Supervision of the staff: it is the duty of the chef to delegate the authority amongst the various chefs working under him to ensure that the staff is performing duties as per his expectation.

8) He is responsible for the overall working of the kitchen.

9) He is one who is responsible for maintaining close liaison with the other departments to ensure the balance in the operations.

10) He represents his team to the management. So, it is his duty to convey the feelings of the staff members under him to the top management and hence ensure good employer-employee relationship.

11) He presides over the departmental meetings from the kitchen side.

12) He is responsible for the aesthetic upkeep of the kitchen department.

13) He is responsible for organizing festivals in the organization.

14) He is responsible for ensuring a proper pest control procedure to be followed during a given time period.

15) He is responsible for maintain the discipline and decorum in the kitchen.

16) He has to have a real commitment in terms of efforts and willingness to learn the skills involved.

17) He is familiar with the safe preparatory techniques for handling food and equipment.

18) He is responsible for ensuring the high standards of personal hygiene of food and equipment.

19) He is very creative, innovative and dedicated in his work.

20) He is very cooperative, courteous and honest when it comes to work.

Duties and responsibilities of various chefs


He is the right hand of the executive chef and is generally responsible for the day to day functioning of the kitchen. His duties are almost same as that of the executive chef. He supervises the practical activities of the kitchen. He is answerable to the executive chef regarding the daily activities. In the large organization the no. of sous chef can vary depending upon separate kitchen for separate restaurant.


For different section in the kitchen, there are different CDP’s who generally work with the help of the different apprentices and commis.

Various CDP’s and their duties are as follows:

SAUCE COOK/CHEF SAUCIER: he prepares the “entree” i.e. to sell all the meat, poultry, and game birds (like turkey, pigeon etc.) especially those which are not roasted or grilled. He prepares his own mise-en-place (putting everything on place) i.e. preparing for something in advance like cutting, chopping, and collecting the necessary ingredients for many items. He can receive the prepared cuts of meat from the larder department.

ROAST COOK/ CHEF ROTISSEUR: He is responsible for the preparation of all the roast and grill items. This section also contains the deep-frying section and also prepares accompaniments, sauces and garnishes for roast and grills.

FISH COOK/CHEF POISSONNIER: except for the deep fried and grilled fish all the fish preparation are prepared here along with the accompaniments, sauces and garnishes. So, a thorough knowledge of various recipes and accompaniments is a must in this department.

GRILL COOK/ CHEF GRILLARDIN: he is the in-charge of grilling of various dishes. Sometimes these chefs work under roast section.

VEGETABLE COOK/CHEF ENTREMETTIER: all the vegetables and potato other than deep fried prepared here under this section.

SOUP COOK/CHEF POTAGE: These sections prepare all the soups and their accompaniments and the garnishes are also prepared by this chef. Great care should be taken because it gives the impression about the meal which are to be followed.

LARDER COOK/CHEF GARDE MANGER: It is the cold section of the kitchen which is generally concerned with the pre-preparation of the food which is cooked by another department. This includes the preparation of game, poultry, and fish. Cleaning and portioning of meat are also done in this section. Also, this department is responsible for the preparation of hors de oeuvres, salads, canapés, sandwiches and butchery section etc. So, the work of this department is unending and continuous throughout the operations.

INDIAN SECTION COOK: this department is responsible for the preparation of all Indian dishes given in menu, which includes tandoor, halwai, curry, rice, vegetables etc.

PASTRY COOK/ CHEF PATISSEUR: his work is specialised and all the continental sweets, pastries and bakery product prepared in the pastry section.

RELIEF COOK/CHEF TOURANT: he is relief cook takes over a section when a particular CDP goes on leave or has an off day. He is generally a senior chef who is all-rounder. He has got knowledge of all the departments.

BREAKFAST CHEF/ CHEF DE PETIT DE JEUNER: his duty starts very early. He is responsible for complete breakfast service after his work, he prepares mise-en-place with the next cook.

STAFFS COOK: he generally prepares for the staff.

COMMIS: the people help in doing mise-en-place.



• Front office will communicate arrival and departure list which will help to forecast about the quantities to cook.

• With the association & assistance of front office with kitchen people promote sales by explaining the guest as to what is a available and where it is available.

• Front office gives the list of V.I.P arrivals in order to increase the reputation of the establishment.


It is mainly for the supply of linen & uniform i.e. aprons, kitchen, towels, dusters etc and to keep the kitchen clean. However, chefs also coordinate with the horticulture section, which at times falls under HK department – for fresh herbs, salad leaves, delicate veggies, micro greens and few vegetables from chef’s garden.


There should be a close liaison between f & b service and the kitchen staff because f & b personal are involved in the selling of the products made by the kitchen department. It is the duty of the f & b personal to give the intimation about the various parties to be hosted in future and in turn it is the duty of the kitchen people to provide food at right time in hygiene condition. Also, f & b personal must be aware as to how much time does a dish require to get ready because they are the ones who are directly associated with the guests.


Maintenance will keep the equipment in working condition. Further this department maintains all the electrical fittings. Also, they introduce as well as instruct about the use of new equipment.


This department will provide all the raw materials required by the chef. The chef must indent in time to ensure that the purchase personal get sufficient time to procure these raw materials. The chef also gives purchase specification from time to time depending upon the recipe requirement.


Department must cooperate with the management and should provider the results which the management want to have i.e. As per the menu requirements. Further the department should in-cooperate the new changes, which the management suggests so a good cooperation b/w the kitchen staff and the management should be promoted.



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