Glassware used in F&B Service

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

You must have seen various Glassware in the Food & Beverage Service department. Here are the most used and known Glassware, along with their measures.

Beer Glass - 10 to 12 Oz

Brandy Balloon or Brandy Sniffer - 8 to 10 Oz

Champagne Glass - 6 to 8 Oz

Cocktail/ Martini Glass - 4 to 12 Oz

Collins Glass - 10 to 12 Oz

Cooler Glass -15 to 16 Oz

Highball Glass - 8 to 10 Oz

Margarita Glass - 5 to 6 Oz

Old Fashioned Glass - 7 Oz

Rock Glass - 5 to 7 Oz

Sherry Glass - 3 Oz

Sour Wine - 4 Oz

Wine Glass - 8 to 9 Oz

Liqueur Glass - 25 ml

I hope that this will help you all for your exams. Do share the topics which you want us to cover!

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