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3 Major Challenges faced by Food and Beverages Industry!

By Gaurav Karn

The food & beverage industry is often considered one of the fastest-moving with regard to the changes that come back per annum in terms of tastes, preferences, packaging, producing, storage, transportation, and many more. The industry has undergone these many changes in the last decade due to the rapidly changing behaviours of consumers, technological advancements, and regulations. These factors have conjointly infested the business with a series of obstacles. Being a consumer-driven industry, this industry is facing serious challenges, and here is more about it.

The Plastic Ban The increased consumption and improper disposal of plastic are one of the major challenges faced by food and beverage managers today. In this scenario, a product that is named as ‘eco-friendly’ has more of a consumer connection and is likely to make lucrative sales than a product that harms the environment. Food and beverage manufacturers are now competing toward making the food manufacturing process highly environment friendly through the adoption of numerous recycling practices. Health-Conscious Consumers The increase of food-related disorders has prompted consumers to bring about drastic changes in their diet and lifestyle, making them more health-conscious than ever before. With this, the thought is diverted towards purchasing foods without added preservatives that might hamper health. The demand for products that carry the ‘healthy’ label is then bound to reduce and to stay at the top. The need to eliminate artificial ingredients from products has come to the fore as a significant challenge faced by food and beverage managers. Concerns About Product Traceability Traceability is one of the major challenges in the food and beverage industry, not just for record management but also to fulfil the bottom line. Consumers have been taking increasing interest to know what goes into their food, which has led to ingredient labelling becoming a major part of the packaging process.

With public trust in food supply chains decreasing drastically and awareness pertaining to glitches in the supply chain since the last few years or so, end-to-end traceability has evolved as one of the megatrends in the food and beverage industry.

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