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2nd Semester
Housekeeping MCQs

1. Main Aim of guest room Inspection:

a) To look after guest security

b) To look spot any cleanliness or mechanical faults that may have been overlooked during the cleaning

c) Both A and B

d) None of the Above

2. Every Room Checked

a) Twice a week

b) Twice Daily

c) Once Daily

d) Once a week

3. Room Checking done in

a) Clockwise from low to high level

b) Anti clockwise from high to low level

c) Clockwise from high to low level

d) Both B and C

4. Checklist use for room inspection is

a) Brown Room Check List

b) Inspection Cheklist

c) Room Checklist

d) Room Inspection Checklist

5. Test used for determining cleanliness of room

a) Water Ragging Test

b) Air Ventilation Test

c) White Ragging Test

d) None of the Above

6. Person Responsible for cleaning a room

a) GRA

b) GRE

c) Lobby Manager

d) Housekeeping Assistant

7. Person Responsible for checking of clean room

a) GRE

b) Lobby Manager

c) Floor Supervisor

d) Housekeeping Manager

8. Area to be inspected while inspection

a) Area between Bed and Headboard

b) Vanity Counter

c) Luggage Rack

d) All The Above

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