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2nd Semester
F&B Service MCQs

1. KOT Stands for

a) Kitchen Order Ticket     

b) Kitchen for Trainees

c) Both of the above

c) none of the above


2. Details which is NOT given in KOT is

a) Name of the dish

b) Table number

c) Name of the Restaurant

d) Name of the Cashier


3. BOT stands for

a) Barmen of Table

b) Bottle of Wine

c) Bar Order Ticket

d) None of the above


4. There are ______ type of KOT/BOT

a) 4

b) 3

c) 2 

d) 5


5. Retour/ En Place KOT is being used when

a)  Wrong dish had been ordered by the service staff and the dish needs to be replaced by the right one

b) Guest feels the portion size is not sufficient and guest ask for some more portion of food.

c) Service staff is picking the food from kitchen and fall the food on ground by accident.

d) certain manager wants to dine in any restaurants



6. ______ KOT/ BOT is used when it is necessary to write more than one KOT or any running order is for the table which is already taking its meal.

a) Accident

b) Complimentary/ No charge KOT

c) Suivant

d) none of the above



7. What type of service is followed under service with order?

a)  Menu is displayed on board with price, guest place their order at cash counter, cashier raises bill against placed order and collects amount, guest reaches the food counter and have their food after giving the bill

b)  Menu card is there on every table, guests choose the dish from the given list and order food.

c)  Both the ways are followed

d)  None of the above



8. In duplicate checking method, first copy of KOT is given to

a) Kitchen for the intimation of food

b) Service staff

c) Cashier

d) KOT book



9. Kitchen copy, Cashier copy, Steward copy is comes under which of the following method?

a) Duplicate checking method

b) services with order

c) triplicate checking method

d) Single order sheet



10. Who keeps the third copy of KOT?

a) Kitchen

b) Barker

c) Cashier

d) Retained at KOT book


11. Sales summary sheet contains all details of

a) food & beverages

b) tobacco sales

c) method of payment

d) all of the above


12. What are the different methods of billing

a) Duplicate billing

b) Triplicate billing

c) Both a & b are correct


13. How many types of bills are there?

a) 5

b) 2

c) 4

d) 6


14. What is No Charge Bill?

a) A type of bill which charge very fewer amount of cash

b) A guest or any manager needs to only sign the bill to avail the service

c) Company provides food at free of cost and there is no need of even signature

d) all of the above


15. Suivant is also termed as

a) running KOT

b) following KOT

c) both a & b is correct

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