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Energy & Water Conservation in Housekeeping

What is Conservation?

The careful use of natural resources like energy and water to prevent them from being lost or wasted in future.


How can you conserve

  • Reduce

  • Reuse

  • Recycle


Why energy conservation

  • Energy is supplied in the form of light, solar rays and chemical fuels like oils.

  • Hotel industry consumes energy in different forms.

  • Hotel pays its energy bills in lakhs per month.

  • Energy conservation methods helps the hotel to save.


Role of Education

  • Hotel staff should be aware of the concern regarding the consumption of energy.

  • Energy conservation guidelines should be thoroughly to the hotel staff.

  • Guidelines on Dos and Don’ts should be clearly mentioned

  • Supervision


Tips for Energy Conservation:

  1. Use of natural lightWell-lit windows

  2. Artificial lighting: Lighting systems with advance controlsInstall chandeliers or decorative fixtures only in public areas as it consumes more energy.

  3. Use of Energy conserving bulbsUse HPMV lamps High-Pressure Mercury-Vapor (lighting technology)Use HPSV (High Pressure Sodium Vapour) lamps for street lightsUse CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp),Use LED (Light Emitting Diode)

  4. Use energy efficient heating/ cooling system with thermal efficient building.

  5. Use minimum glass areas on the east and west exposure.

  6. Use draperies and sun films on window to cut down on air-conditioning cost

  7. Use heat reclaiming equipment in air-conditioning plantHeat from them can be used for heating water.

  8. Keep equipments clean for highest energy efficiency

  9. Minimize electric loads from appliances and equipments.

  10. Sensors can turn off lights and fans in unoccupied rooms.


Alternative sources

  • Install biogas plant for staff meals

  • Use solar powered vehicles to ferry guest

  • Consider energy sources like photovoltaic cells


Energy conservation checklist for guest rooms

  • Turn off lights when not occupied

  • Use minimum lighting when servicing guest rooms

  • Turn off corridor light when natural light is available

  • Clean lamp shades for better light efficiency

  • Keep windows closed and curtains on


Water Conservation

  • Water storage has become a recurring problem in India and many parts of the world

  • Conservation is the greatest resource when it comes to water supply.

Energy water consumption wheel

Hotel water consumption wheel.png

Water Consumption in Bathroom

  • Bathroom: Use dual plumbing in the design to use recycle water for flushing.

  • Dual Piping is a system of plumbing installations used to supply both potable and reclaimed water.

  • Use aerated taps and showers that gushes out less water at high pressure

  • Use shower cubicles instead of bath tubs

  • Use dual flushing system for WCs


Use Grey Water System

  • Greywater is used water from bathroom sinks, showers and washing machines. It is not water that has come into contact with faeces from the toilet.

  • Greywater may contain traces of dirt, food, grease, hair, and certain cleaning products. It is beneficial source of irrigation water in a yard.



Sewage Treatment Plant

  • Treatment plant for recycling used water in the hotel

  • Treated water can be used for horticulture purpose, flushing toilet.



Rainwater Harvesting

  • Replenish ground water by rainwater harvesting.

  • Hotel uses 80% fresh water and 20% grey water approximately.

  • Rain water harvesting save 25% water.



Drip Irrigation Method

Pipes have small openings which are spread along the plants. Water through these pipes irrigates only the roots and does not drench the whole plant.


Timer Controlled Sprinkler

Water sprinkler may be timed and should be used early morning or late evening as it minimizes evaporation of water.

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