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6th Semester

Accommodation Management MCQs

Which of the following is essential to guest room security?

(a) Key Control
(b) Secured Premises
(c) Safety awareness
(d) All of the above

What is the best way to ensure accident prevention at work?

(a) FIFO
(b) PPE
(c) Personal Insurance
(d) CCTV

Which document is used to record information when a threat is received?

(a) Call Register
(b) Attendance record
(c) Bomb Threat form
(d) Emergency calls record

Which of the following helps to identify Risky areas?

(a) CCTV
(b) Safety Signage
(c) Fire Safety Signs
(d) Accident Report forms

What is the latest practice adopted by hotels to ensure no one can trespass on the guest floors?

(a) Stairs
(b) CCTV
(c) Security Alarms
(d) Key Cards are used to operate Elevators

Which of the following is essential to guest room security?

(a) Key Control
(b) Secured Premises
(c) Safety awareness
(d) All of the above


What is the safety feature that can prevent a fire in a guest room?

(a) Fire Extinguisher
(b) Fire Exit chart
(c) Smoke detector
(d) Sprinkler system


Which of the following is a fire hazard?

(a) Cigarette
(b) Cleaning agents
(c) Damaged wires
(d) All of the above

Which of the following helps to identify Risky areas?

(a) Blue Arrows
(b) Safety Signage
(c) Danger signs
(d) Green lights

What can be used to give a fire resistant property to linen?

(a) Borax
(b) CaCl
(c) Vinegar Rinse
(d) Softner

What is the process for handling of a small fire?

(a) RACE - Rescue, Alarm, Contain, Extinguish
(b) CCTV
(c) Raise Alarms
(d) Evacuate

What is Interior Decoration?

(a) A Science
(b) Art
(c) None of these
(d) Both Art and Science

What is the end product of Interior Decoration?

(a) Masterpiece
(b) Design
(c) Decor
(d) Blueprint

What completes Structural Design?

(a) Decor
(b) Decorative design
(c) Architectural features
(d) Final look

Which field supports Interior Decoration?

(a) Architecture
(b) Food Science
(c) Microbiology
(d) Geography

What makes a space useful for human activities?

(a) Decoration
(b) Design
(c) Proper planning
(d) All of the above

Which is the not an element Interior Decoration?

(a) Space
(b) Line
(c) Texture
(d) Unity

What is the type of line that depicts movement?

(a) Vertical Line
(b) Horizontal Line
(c) Slanting Line
(d) Zig Zag Line

What is the element that includes the 3rd Dimension?

(a) Design
(b) Shape
(c) Form
(d) Light

Which element creates maximum interest and variety?

(a) Line
(b) Form
(c) Color
(d) Texture

What makes a space the basic element in Interior design?

(a) It decides the extent of Decoration
(b) It unifies the Design
(c) Proper space utilization is necessary
(d) All of the above

Which is the not a Principal Interior Decoration?

(a) Harmony
(b) Line
(c) Pattern
(d) Unity

Which principle depicts movement?

(a) Pattern
(b) Emphasis
(c) Rhythm
(d) Balance

What is the principal that compares two sizes?

(a) Proportion
(b) Balance
(c) Unity
(d) Pattern

Which Principle creates maximum interest ?

(a) Harmony
(b) Unity
(c) Balance
(d) Emphasis

What compares to principles in Interior design?

(a) It decides the appeal of Decoration
(b) It unifies the Design
(c) Principles are necessary for guidance of the process
(d) All of the above

Which are the primary colours?

(a) Red, Yellow, Green
(b) Red, Blue, Green
(c) Red, Yellow, Blue
(d) Yellow, Orange, Blue

Which dimensions of colour are depicted in the Munsell Colour Tree?

(a) Hue,
(d) All of the above

How can the apparent size of room be increased?

(a) Use of light, cool colours.
(b) Use of contrasting colours
(c) Use of warm colours
(d) Use of dark colours

Which colour schemes are related colour schemes?

(a) Analogous
(b) Monochromatic
(c) Double analogous
(d) All of the above

What colour scheme is suitable for a nursery?

(a) Warm ,florescent colours
(b) Dark strong colours
(c) Bright cheerful, pastel colours
(d) Green and white tints

What is CYMK?

a) Clear,Youth,Magical,Kind
(b) Cyan,Yellow,Magenta,Key Black
(c) ) cream, Yellow,Mink,Kohl
(d) Green,Yellow, white, tints

What is law of chromatic distribution?

(a) Intensity of colour is inversely proportional to the area
(b)Intensity of colour not proportional to the area
(c) Intensity of colour directly proportional to the area
(d) Value of colour is inversely proportional to the area

Golden yellow light is produced by

(a) HPSV
(b) HPMV
(c) Silica coated bulbs
(d) CFLs

Valance, Cornice and Soffit lighting are types of

(a) Architectural lighting
(b) Non-Architectural lighting
(c) Diffused lighting
(d) Low pressure Lamps

What type of lighting is suitable for a restaurant?

(a) Emergency lighting
(b) Vapour-proof lighting
(c) Subdued lighting
(d) General lighting

Which of these is not a part of a window?

(a) Jamb
(b) Sill
(c) Pane
(d) Screen

Which of these is a soft window treatment

(a) Curtain
(b) Valance
(c) Blind
(d) Shutters

The fixed covering on furniture

(a) Fixtures
(b) Coasters
(c) Furnishings
(d) Upholstery

Which is not a type of furniture joint

(a) Dowels
(b) Mortice and Tendon
(c) Dovetail
(d) Nails

What are the two types of accessories?

(a) Functional and Decorative
(b) Beautiful and Aesthetic
(c) Decorative and Structural
(d) Normal and Antique

What are the parts of a carpet?

(a) Pile,Primary backing and Secondary backing
(b) Base, Foot,Edge
(c) Fiber,Yarn,Foam
(d) Face,Backing and Foam

Which is not a selection criterion for a carpet?

(a) Pile Height
(b) Pitch
(c) Flooring
(d) Colour fastness

Which is the famous producer of carpets?

(a) Persia
(b) Japan
(c) Oriental
(d) China

What is restoration?

(a) Preventive maintenance
(b) Creating a new look
(c) Maintaining the old as new
(d) Refurbishing

What is the format used before and after redecoration?

(a) Snagging List
(b) OOO form
(c) Maintenance report
(d) Refurbishing list

Who is hired before the operational areas are designed?

(a) Architect
(b) Interior Designer
(c) Maintenance Manager
(d) Executive Housekeeper

What is the role of the EHK in opening of the property?

(a) Planning and Organising
(b) Forecasting
(c) Recruiting
(d) All of the above

What is another name for opening of the property sequence?

(a) Aquisition
(b) Pre-opening
(c) New property countdown
(d) All of the above

What is the aim of first aid?

(a) Preserving life
(b) Preventing further injury
(c) Helping recovery
(d) All of the above

Which is not part of a first aid kit ?

(a) Bandages
(b) Prescription medicines
(c) Ice pack
(d) Blankets


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