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Linen Hire

[3rd/4th Semester Accommodation Operations | UNIT 1.9 BHM204]

Hiring linen is uncommon in India, but many hotels in other parts of the world do not purchase linen and prefer to hire laundered linen from a hiring company. Linen hire companies supply clean linen to hotels on a hire basis. Thus it is a contract with a company that rents and launders linen. The system has both advantages and disadvantages.


  • Initial purchase investment is eliminated.

  • No laundering of linen is necessary.

  • Less storage space.

  • Less staff which means fewer salaries to pay.

  • No need to order linen so the purchase function is eliminated.

  • No repairing of linen by the hotel.

  • It is ideal for spasmodic trade such as seasonal hotels, by avoiding capital expenditure and the need to store seldom-used linen.

  • Linen hire charges may be no greater than the combined depreciation and laundering costs.


  • No individuality.

  • The choice is limited – the linen specifications, sizes and standards may be different from those required by the hotel.

  • No cut-downs or makeovers are possible.

  • Damages have to be paid for, usually at a higher rate. u

  • The hotel is totally dependent on the hiring company.

  • There is no control over the quality of the wash.

  • Linen supply may be affected by bad weather or strikes causing a breakdown in operations.

  • If low occupancy, there is a loss due to unused linen.

  • The excess requirement is charged at the current rate.

  • Guest laundry will have to be dealt with or coordinated with a commercial laundry.

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