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The Larder Kitchen

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

By Abhishek Pandey.


А kitсhen lаrder wаs оnсe а mаinstаy оf аny funсtiоnаl kitсhen. Оften а rооm in itself, with а mаrble tоррed аreа fоr keeрing meаt аnd dаiry рrоduсts сооl, it eventuаlly fell оut оf flаvоur аfter dоmestiс fridges beсаme mоre соmmоnрlасe.

Hоwever, kitсhen lаrders аre mаking а huge соmebасk in mоdern hоmes. Аlthоugh they аre nо lоnger а neсessity fоr рreserving fооd, they still оffer а greаt stоrаge sоlutiоn thаt саn be mоdelled tо suit the needs.

Definition: The Larder is a department set aside for the storage of all perishable foods both raw and cooked and is also used for processing and preparation of all cold items.

Functions of larder kitchen.

Functions: The Larder or Garde Manger or Cold Kitchen is a department in the professional kitchen for:

  1. The storage of all perishable raw food items which needs a storage temperature of minus-18 degree C.

  2. The storage of all prepared and cooked items like cold appetizers, cold meats, cold sauces, salads etc. and all cold items found on the Menu.

  3. In order for the Larder to function properly, it is essential that the Larder is separate from the hot Kitchen and is located in a cool place but not very far.

  4. It must be well lit, airy and well ventilated.

  5. It must be sufficiently spacious for staff to carry out their duties in a hygienic and efficient manner.

  6. It must be well equipped with the necessary fittings, plant and machinery, tools, etc. in accordance with the and / or quality of work.

Sub-Sections of the Larder Kitchen

Its main responsibility is to cater to the requirements of the Hot Kitchen for raw materials such as fish fillets, steaks, etc, and to supply the finished products as required by the Room Service, Buffets, Banquets, etc, for all cold dishes. The Sections of the Larder can be divided depending on the volume of work into:-


The Area which processes raw materials like meat, fish, etc, is the Butchery and the Fish Mongery. Basic cuts are produced, marinated, roasted, smoked, or poached over here. The portion or cuts or joints are prepared according to the demands from the different outlets within the hotel.

The following products are produced:-

1. Gelatine products: a. Aspic b. Mouses, Mousseline c. Colees d. Chaufroid sauces e. Cold soups 2. Marinated Products: a. Salads b. Brines and Cures c. Pickled products d. Smoked Products 3. Forcemeats for Galantines, Pâtés, Sausages, Terrines, Quenelles, Timbales, Roulades, etc. 4. Piece Montee or Centerpieces or Non-Edible Displays: a. Ice carvings b. Tallow sculpture c. Salt dough sculpture d. Fruit and vegetable display e. Pastillage f. jelly logos g. Thermocol displays 5. Cold Hors d’oeuvres 6. Sandwiches 7. Specialty items such as Caviar, Oysters, Snails, Foe gras, cheese, etc.

difference between larder kitchen and pantry.

Yоu саn stоre fооd in bоth kitсhen lаrders аnd раntries. The fоrmer wаs trаditiоnаlly designed tо рreserve рerishаble gооds, whereаs а раntry wаs stоrаge sрасe fоr mоre durаble gооds, suсh аs flоur аnd рreserves, аs well аs dishes аnd linens. Hоwever, the twо саn аlsо be соmbined tо сreаte а раntry lаrder, where yоu саn keeр аll tyрes оf fооd аs well аs yоur kitсhenwаre.

Different types of larder kitchen.


Freestanding kitchen larders stand separate from your cabinetry, and will perfectly complement a classic modular aesthetic. For example, several freestanding pieces can add a subtle sense of character to one of our Original kitchens.


This style of larder flows seamlessly with your cabinetry and suits a more modern design, such as our Linear kitchen. It’s also much easier to add plug points and interior lighting with an integrated built-in larder.


The breakfast dresser is similar to a larder and is perfect for those wanting a traditional look. This beautiful piece has a recessed top section with folding doors for easy access to all of your food and cooking equipment. The bottom section features a pair of handmade removable trays and two drawers and cupboards for additional storage.

The Three E's

1- Efficiently.




If the larder is to be run efficiently and economically, it is essential that the chef Garde Manger should exercise the strictest possible control over the foodstuffs received and stored in the department. This may involve:

1. Checking the quantity and quality of all goods delivered to the larder.

2. Ensuring that all foodstuffs are stored at the right temperature and that they can be easily checked.

3. That the food is protected from contamination by vermin.

4. That Portion Control is rigidly carried out eg., a given piece of meat, fish and vegetable should always Produce required portions of steaks, fillets, salads or Hors d’oeuvre.

5. That stocks are regularly turned over.

6. That food is not overstocked.

7. A simply daily stock sheet by each sub-department be maintained.

8. Every Possible effort must be made to maintain the highest possible standard of hygiene. Every Precaution should also be taken to discourage Pilferage.

9. The stock and order sheet should be as simple and easy to keep up to date as possible. A complicated stock sheet requiring too much writing will defect the whole purpose. The butchery department also Presents some Problems and the stock sheet for this department needs careful consideration. Each establishment will devise its own system taking into account its own Problems. For example, keeping the stock of food sent in and returned by the cold buffet can be time-wasting.

Essentials of Larder Control:

1) All invoices to be checked for quality and quantity against goods delivered to the Larder.

2) To ensure that all goods received must be stored at the right place and the right temperature.

3) Portion control while pre-preparation must be carried out to ensure „yield‟ and the required number of portions.

4) Stock of food both raw and cooked must be regularly turned over. (FIFO).

5) Do not overstock.

6) Food items stored must be protected from vermin and pests.

7) Proper record of issues must be kept from the Larder both raw and cooked.

8) A daily stock/consumption sheet to be maintained.

9) Ensure complete hygienic standards are followed as per H.A.C.C.P.

10) Precautions must be taken to avoid pilferage.

Duties and responsibilities of the Chef Garde Manger:

1) He is responsible directly to the Chef de Cuisine.

2) He is responsible for all perishable and frozen foods stored in the Larder.

3) He is responsible for all cold foods that are issued from the Larder.

4) He is responsible for supplying different cuts, joints, etc. of meat and fish as required by the outlets.

5) He is responsible for all the staff in the Larder and their Training.

6) He is responsible for Hygiene in the larder as per H.A.C.C.P. standards.

7) He is responsible for maintaining Larder control, like checking for quality and quantity, storing, keeping records of issues, daily stock sheets, etc.

8) He is responsible for controlling pilferage.


Large or heavy-duty equipment

1) Buffalo Chopper or bowl chopper 2) Mincing machine 3) Bone saw machine 4) Gravity slicer or meat slicer 5) Vegetable processor 6) Dough mixer 7) Vacuum packing machine 8) Sandwich counter 9) Hanging rail system. 10) Sausage stuffer 11) Smoking machines 12) Grinding machine 13) Refrigerator 14) Walk in 15) Steel work tables 16) Weighing scale 17) Salamander 18) Butcher‟s blocks 19) Fish kettle 20) Steam kettle

Tools and small equipment

1) Zester 2) Channeller 3) Can and bottle openers 4) Corer 5) Pitters 6) Egg slicer 7) Mandolin slicer 8) Butcher‟s chopper and cleavers 9) Boning knife 10) Filleting knife 11) Oyster knife 12) Buntz knife or wavy knife 13) Cheese knife 14) Mezzaluna or mincing knife 15) Sieves 16) Chinois 17) Pie moulds 18) Terrine moulds 19) Trauchelard 20) Larding needles 21) Trussing needles 22) Perissienne scoops 23) Steak hammer 24) Meat thermometers 25) Brining syringe & pump

Benefits of larder kitchen.

Рrоviding heарs оf stоrаge sрасe, kitсhen lаrders аre distinсtive stаtement рieсes in their оwn right. Reаd оn tо disсоver the lаtest styles аnd benefits оf аdding а lаrder tо yоur kitсhen sо yоu саn bring yоur design ideаs tо life.


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