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Flower arrangement in Hotels

A flower arrangement may be defined as the art of organizing and grouping together plant materials (flowers, foliage, twigs, etc.) to achieve harmony of form, colour, and texture, thereby adding cheer, life, and beauty to the surroundings. It is essentially a decorative piece and should be the centre of attraction. An arrangement can be composed of only flowers and/or foliage or in combination with vegetables and fruits. Flower arrangements have the ability to introduce a personal touch in an otherwise staid and impersonal hotel room. Arrangements can be used in lobbies, restaurants, suites etc. Guests appreciate flowers for the freshness they bring to the surroundings. Arrangements need not be reserved only for parties or special occasions. They can be used regularly depending on the season and the theme. The unconventional and dry material can also be used to make arrangements that are more economical and last longer.

Flower arrangements are done in the hotel because of:

  • Creating ambience and décor

  • Religious reasons

  • Amenities for VIP guests

  • Personalized service

  • To fit empty unattractive spaces: acts as a camouflage

  • Special functions

Who does flower arrangements in hotels?

  • Housekeeping is responsible for all flower arrangements and their placement in hotels

  • Large hotels have a horticulturist who looks after the entire gardening and a florist who supplies and arranges flowers under the supervision of housekeepers

  • Some hotels also have contract service in which flowers and arrangements are brought in and taken away as per agreement

Flower arrangement in Hotels

In hotels, flowers are used extensively. Various types of arrangements are chosen, as appropriate to the area and occasion. Medium-sized ‘round’ arrangements are often provided at the guest relations executives’ desk in the lobby and on coffee tables in the lounges. In most five star hotels, one can see huge, spectacular arrangements in the lobbies. Restaurants generally have bud vases on each table, with one or two flowers in them. Table arrangements for conferences must be low so that guests may see over them. At informal banquets, large arrangements may be seen. At wedding banquets, wall arrangements using gerberas are very popular nowadays. On special occasions and festivals, some hotels even make beautiful traditional flower carpets for the lobby


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