The design of a Hotel is one of the major considerations in planning of efficient Hotel. While designing the Hotel following factors should be kept in mind:


  1. Attractive appearance

  2. Efficient plan

  3. Location

  4. Suitable material

  5. Workmanship

  6. Sound financing

  7. Competent Management


Developing an efficient design is a complex sequential process requiring intense interaction of many professionals to successfully planned, designed and operate all facilities. The result of participation will surface following decisions: -


  1. Manage all services

  2. Prepare a programme defining requirements for all services and operations

  3. Apply principles of design and layout to service facilities

  4. Select most appropriate equipment for all services provided by the Hotel

These design programmes will fall into two basic categories i.e.


  1. Guiding programme

  2. Confirming programme

Guiding Programme:

Guiding programme will be written prior to undertaking design process. The programme inputs will be gathered all appropriate sources.


Confirming Programme:


This programme will be written after the facility design process is well under way which contains both basic criteria and describe design philosophy, constrain and capability to develop. This programme is used to provide with all available information to the designer. A working copy of the programme is to be continuously updated during design process.


The following design consideration is to be kept in mind:


  1. Attractive appearance

  2. Efficient plan

  3. Location

  4. Suitable material

  5. Workmanship

  6. Sound financing

  7. Competent Management


1. Attractive appearance:


All over appearance of a Hotel is one of the very important considerations for a Hotel. It should be attractive and should reflect the architecture of that area and should also have character of the services being provided in that Hotel.

2. Efficient Plan:


The plan of the Hotel should be such that it should be functional and also appeal to the eye. All the services should be so designed that it meets various principles of layout and design.


3. Location:


The design of the Hotel will be guided by the geographical location of the Hotel e.g. if a Hotel is situated near the airport or railway station, the reception of the Hotel will be designed in such a way that it could handle large number of guests at one time because there is a possibility of guest checking in large groups and around the clock. Similarly, Hotel situated at hill stations, beaches and the Hotels located in heart of the cities and metros will be designed differently.


4. Suitable Material:


The Hotel should be designed in such a way that it should be able to use the material locally available, which will be cost effective and efficient.


5. Workmanship:


While designing a Hotel one should consider the fact that what kind of workmanship is available and designer should take advantage of local expertise. This will not only make the hotel efficient but also will be economical.

6. Sound Financing:

One of the very important factors is finance in designing the Hotel. The availability of ready funds and management of finance is a crucial factor and it should be considered very carefully in Hotel Design.


7. Competent Management:


The design of a Hotel will depend upon the quality of management available to operate the establishment. If we have the quality management and manpower only then Hotel should be designed for sophisticated equipment and high tech gadgets.


These are some of the consideration, which affect the design of hotel.


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