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6th Semester

Front Office MCQs

1.Hotel XYZ has a great deal of flexibility in responding to changes in local market conditions but cannot afford broad advertising exposure and pays relatively high prices for supplies. The hotel is most likely to be

(a) Chain property

(b) Independent property

(c) Franchisee

(d) Corporate property


2. The occupancy report prepared by the front desk for April 7, at 3 pm of the same day, lists room 501 as a stay over. At 2 pm on April 7 , the housekeeping report lists room 501 as vacant and ready for sale. The room status discrepancy could have resulted from

(a) A walk-in

(b) A lock-out

(c) A late check-out

(d) A skipper


3. A credit limit established by hotel is known as

(a) House limit

(b) Outstanding limit

(c) High balance limit

(d) Ceiling


4. A pending charge posting after the guest has checked-out is known as

(a) City voucher

(b) Late charge

(c) Miscellaneous charge

(d) Due bank


5. Which of the following reports is especially helpful to properties that are considering expansion

(a) Agent commission report

(b) Expected Arrival report

(c) No-show report

(d) Turn away report


6. A package offered by a resort includes the cost of breakfast, and either Lunch or Dinner in the room charge. This arrangement is called

(a) The European Plan

(b) The Bermuda Plan

(c) The American Plan

(d) The Modified American Plan

7. Who out of the below is not a member of HRACC

(a) Principal, Institute of Hotel Management

(b) Representative of Ministry of Tourism,

(c) Representative of IATA

(d) Representative of FHRAI


8. A charge purchase transaction will have following impact on the outstanding balance of the folio account

(a) Outstanding balance of the folio will increase

(b) Outstanding balance of the folio will decrease

(c) Outstanding balance of the folio will remain the same

(d) Outstanding balance of the folio will become zero

9. Cash disbursed by front office on behalf of the guest is known as

(a) IOU

(b) Cash bank

(c) Encashment

(d) Paid-out


10. An imbalance that occurs when the total of cash and checks in a cash register drawer is greater than the initial bank plus net cash receipts

(a) Due back

(b) Overage

(c) City ledger

(d) Guest ledger

11. Which of the following is not a part of the sub-classification of heritage hotels in India

(a) Heritage

(b) Heritage Classic

(c) Heritage royal

(d) Heritage grand


12. For a hotel to get classified as a five star hotel, minimum number of let table rooms required are

(a) 10

(b) 20

(c) 30

(d) 50


13. Two single beds joined together and sharing a common headboard is called as:

(a) Twin

(b) Hollywood twin

(c) Double

(d) Quad

14. Which of the following is not a part of Hubbart formula of calculating room tariff

(a) Market based pricing

(b) Return on investment

(c) Non-room revenue

(d) Operating expenses


15. Hotel ABC has total 210 rooms out of which 182 are occupied on 12th March. Total room revenue of the hotel for the above given date is Rs. 21,20,000/. Calculate RevPAR

(a) Rs. 10,095.23

(b) Rs. 11,648.35

(c) Rs. 5408.16

(d) Rs. 6875.25


16. Ratio of the total number of occupied rooms to the total number of rooms that are available for sale is known as

(a) Yield %

(b) ARR

(c) Occupancy%

(d) House count


17. Selective overbooking is also called as

(a) Duration control

(b) Discount management

(c) Differential pricing

(d) Capacity management


18. The mathematical difference between potential average double rate and potential average single rate is called as

(a) Room rate achievement factor

(b) Yield %

(c) Rate spread

(d) Potential ARR


19. Select the odd one out

(a) Global Distribution System

(b) Point of sale system

(c) Centralized reservation system

(d) On-line room booking portals


20. Delinquent account is a term associated with

(a) Account correction

(b) Account allowance

(c) Account aging
(d) Non-Guest Folio

21. Which of the following is generally not accepted as a mode of settlement of guest account

(a) Traveler's cheque

(b) Credit card

(c) Travel agent voucher

(d) Personal cheque


22. A day or even a season between two busier time periods is known as

(a) Leg period

(b) Shoulder period

(c) Head period

(d) Ankle period


23. Hotel XYZ has 250 rooms with a rack rate of Rs. 10,000 for each room. On 15th March 200 rooms were occupied at an ARR of Rs. 8,000. Calculate Yield %

(a) 78%

(b) 1.56%

(c) 64%

(d) 56%


24. Rate below which room will not be sold by the hotel on a given date is known as

(a) Crib Rate

(b) Introductory rate

(c) Rack rate

(d) Hurdle rate


25. Situation where a room is occupied according to front office records but is actually vacant because front office failed to update their records is referred as

(a) Sleeper

(b) Skipper

(c) Sleep-out

(d) Bounced off


26. Which of the following room rate plans includes a room only and no meals.

(a) European plan

(b) American plan

(c) Continental Plan

(d) Full Pension


27. A specially abled room is given to

(a) Sporting Heroes

(b) Young Travelers

(c) Differently Abled Guest

(d) Back Packers

28. What is Rack Rate?

(a) Lowest cost of accommodation

(b) The full cost of Holiday package

(c) The Published cost of Accommodation

(d) Cost of accommodation plus break fast


29. Time share is a particular type of accommodation that allows guest to

(a) Bring their own accommodation in the form of a caravan or tent.

(b) Enjoy accommodation and breakfast as a package

(c) Enjoy a city centre location

(d) Own a self contained apartment for the same period of the time each year.


30. What is intangible aspect of accommodation

(a) The Bed

(b) The level of service and atmosphere the guest experience

(c) The quality of fixture and fittings in the room.

(d) The various accommodation type


31. Overbooking is

(a) Assigning more rooms per guest

(b) Ensuring the hotel achieves the maximum rate per room

(c) Determining the number of rooms that are available for sale

(d) The process of selling more rooms than are actually available


32. A hotel can maintain the registration record in

(a) Hard -bound Register

(b) Loose leaf register

(c) Guest registration card

(d) All of these.


33. The information required to fill in the guest registration can be gathered from which of the following?

(a) Reservation Form

(b) Guest History card

(c) Both a and b

(d) None of these

34. The temporary visa may be categorized as

(a) Tourist visa

(b) Student Visa

(c) Transit Visa

(d) All of these


35. Filling of which of the form is mandatory in case of registration of a foreign guest.

(a) Form C

(b) Form F

(c) Form D

(d) None of these


36. When the guest complains are not resolved by front office assistant , then he/ she should always

(a) Consult with superiors

(b) Try to convince the guest

(c) Ignore the complain

(d) None of these.


37. The procedure for delivering the luggage of the guest involves

(a) Requesting the guest to show counterfoil

(b) Tallying the counterfoil

(c) Just asking for room number

(d) Both a and b


38. In which circumstances /situations a guest may want to change his/her room?

(a) The room assigned is not as per his her choice.

(b) The number of occupants in the room changes

(c) The equipment or facility in the room is not working satisfactorily

(d) All of these.


39. The cash amount provided by the hotel to the cashier for daily transaction is called

(a) Petty Cash

(b) Impress cash

(c) Cash Bank

(d) Guest account

40.The bell captain raises which of the following documents to initiate a guest departure.

(a) Lobby control sheet

(b) luggage tag

(c) Departure errand card

(d) Arrival and departure list.


41. Charges raised by minor revenue department into the guest folio are called

(a) advance deposit

(b) Miscellaneous charges

(c) Paid Out

(d) Discounts


42. A guest who leaves the hotel without clearing the payment is called

(a) Skipper

(b) Visitor Paid-out

(c) Sleeper

(d) Non-Guest Account


43. What is the term used for the upper limit of credit facility extended to a guest

(a) House limit

(b) Credit Limit

(c) Visitor Paid out

(d) Folio Limit


44. The collection of same type of accounts is called

(a) Ledger

(b) allowances

(c) Folio

(d) Vouchers


45. The report of guest account that are nearing or have crossed house limit are called

(a) Floor limit report

(b) Credit and debit report

(c) High balanced report

(d) None of these .

46. Which of the following function is carried out by night auditor?

(a) Ensure the accuracy of various accounts

(b) Reconciles all financial transaction with supporting vouchers

(c) Monitor house limit

(d) All of these


47. The arbitrary time that is supposed to be the end of the financial transaction for a particular day is known as

(a) End of the day

(b) Check out time

(c) Sleeper

(d) none of these


48. The maximum share of market that can be occupied by a hotel is known as

(a) Rightful market share

(b) Occupancy percentage

(c) Rev Par

(d) None of these


49. Occupancy percentage multiplied by ADR is called

(a) Rev Par

(b) ADR

(c) House limit

(d) Rack Rate

50) Which of the following data is required for the calculation of occupancy ratio?

(a) Total number of sale-able rooms

(b) No of room sold

(c) House count

(d) All of these


51) Which of the following areas of a hotel has the greatest amount of guest contact?

(a) Reservation

(b) Housekeeping

(c) Front Office

(d) Sales

52) Which of the following department of the rooms division works most closely with the marketing and sales division within a hotel.

(a) Reservation

(b) Housekeeping

(c) Front Office

(d) Sales 

53) In which of the following areas of a hotel are guest registered ,assigned rooms , and checked out?

(a) Reservation

(b) Concierge

(c) Front Office

(d) Sales


54. Concierge service are normally part of

(a) Sales department

(b) The Reservation department

(c) The Room division

(d) Food and beverage division


55. The term market segment refers to

(a) Different business segments the hotel receives its clients from

(b) Different cities the hotel receives its guest from

(c) Different markets located near the hotel

(d) None of the above


56. Why is it important to ensure maximum occupancy of accommodation?

(a) To maximize food and beverage sales

(b) Because accommodation cannot be stored for sale at a future date

(c) To ensure quality service

(d) To provide employees with meaningful employment.


57. The term Incognito in front office means

(a) VIP

(b) Scanty Baggage Guest

(c) Guest whose identity must not be revealed

(d) long stayer guest

58. Can we exchange Indian Rupees into US Dollars for a guest

(a) Yes

(b) No

(c) May be depends on the guest profile

(d) At times


59. How do you calculate ARR

(a) Total room revenue/ Total inventory

(b) Total room revenue /Total room sold

(c) Total Inventory/ Total Room Sold

(d) revenue/ Total Inventory


60. Which of the following is not a Front office form used during the pre-arrival stage?

(a) Reservation Record

(b) Letter of confirmation

(c) Reservation rack slip

(d) Registration card


61. Which of the following is recommended as a security measures for the front desk associate?

(a) Collecting a valid photo ID proof on arrival

(b) Not revealing room numbers of guest only to visitors or callers

(c) Requiring identification whenever someone request for a duplicate key

(d) All of the above.

62. The effort of front desk associate to convince guest to rent rooms in categories above standard accommodation are called?

(a) Upgrading

(b) consumer acceptance

(c) Pre-registration activities

(d) Up selling


63. Blocking fewer rooms than the number initially requested by group is called

(a) Wash

(b) Cut off

(c) Walking

(d) No-show

64. EDC is a link between

(a) Hotel and Bank

(b) Accounts dept and Front office

(c) Central reservation and Hotel reservation

(d) Restaurant with F&B office


65. The term HWC would be used for a

(a) Walk in Guest

(b) Fussy Guest

(c) Sick Guest

(d) None of the above


66. Concierge ,bell desk, and EPABX operators are part of

(a) Rooms division department

(b) Housekeeping department

(c) Front Office department

(d) Maintenance department.


67. The settling of a guest's bills at the front office is done by

(a) Reservation

(b) Reception

(c) Bell desk

(d) Travel Desk


68. The hotel employee who provides information and personalized service ,such as dinner reservation ,tour and travel arrangements, is known as

(a) Bell boy

(b) Concierge

(c) Valet

(d) None of these


69. For which type of information does the front office and housekeeping department communicate with each other?

(a) Room Status

(b) Security concern

(c) Special arrangement

(d) All of these

70. The market based pricing in determining the room rent of any hotel is done on the basis of which of the following?

(a) As per competition

(b) Market Tolerance

(c) Guest Requirement

(d) All of these.


71. The cost based pricing in determining the room rent of any hotel is done by

(a) Rule of thumb approach

(b) Hubbart formula

(c) Guest requirements

(d) both a and b


72. The situation in which the guest would stay for more than their scheduled stay dates is known as

(a) Under stay

(b) Overstay

(c) Stay Over

(d) Unscheduled stay


73 .Which one is the example of CRS?

(a) Galileo

(b) Sabre

(c) Amadeus

(d) Image


74. Which among these is the type of training in which employees are trained for roles other than their routine jobs?

(a) Cross training

(b) Out training

(c) Second training

(d) None of these.


75. Which of these are the 4Ps of marketing?

(a) Product ,Price, Place ,Promotion

(b) Print, Price , Place ,Promotion

(c) Product, People ,Print, Promotion

(d) Product , Price , Print, People

General Knowledge -


76. Capital of Afghanistan?

(a) Kabul

(b) Kuwait city

(c) Kuala lumpur

(d) None of these


77. Currency of Egypt?

(a) Euro

(b) Pound

(c) Dollar

(d) Peso


78. People of Chile Speaks

(a) Spanish

(b) Mongol

(c) French

(d) Arabic


79. Where is Eiffel Tower?

(a) Cairo

(b) Paris

(c) Helsinki

(d) New Delhi

80. Acronym MICE stand for

(a) Minute ,incentives, Conferences, Exhibition

(b) Meeting ,interest, Conferences, Exhibition

(c) Meeting ,incentives, Conferences, Exhibition

(d) Meeting ,incentives, Communication, Exhibition


81. Where is the Iconic Raffles Hotels located?

(a) Singapore

(b) Sri Lanka

(c) Spain

(d) Sweden

82. Renowned Tirupati Balaji temple at the town of Tirupati is in the state of

(a) Telangana

(b) Andhra Pradesh

(c) Tamil Nadu

(d) Karnataka


83. Who captains 'Delhi Capitals' in IPL 2019

(a) Dinesh Kartik

(b) Vijay Shekhar

(c) ShreyasIyer

(d) K.L. Rahul

84. Who out of the following is not a recipient of Bharat Ratna award in the year 2019

(a) M.S. Subbalaxmi

(b) Nanaji Deshmukh

(c) Bhupen Hazarika

(d) Pranab Mukherjee


85. Who was private secretary of Mahatma Gandhi

(a) Gopal Krishna Gokhale

(b) R.K. Shukla

(c) Mahadev Desai

(d) NathuramGodse


86. Who is the author of Ain-e-Akbari

(a) Akbar

(b) MullaDaud

(c) Bairam Khan

(d) AbulFazal


87. Whose disciple was Kabir

(a) Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

(b) Ramananda

(c) Ramanuju

(d) Shankaracharya


88. Indian electorate is voting for ________ loksabha in the year 2019

(a) 16

(b) 17

(c) 18

(d) 19

89. The first Indian to travel to space is

(a) Vijay Krishnan

(b) Rajiv Mehta

(c) Rakesh Sharma

(d) G.K.Iyer


90. Hampi, a UNESCO world heritage site, is located in the state of

(a) Odisha

(b) Karnataka

(c) Andhra Pradesh

(d) Tamil Nadu


91. Which of the following wild life sanctuary is known for one-horn Rhino

(a) Periyar

(b) Kanha

(c) Kaziranga

(d) Bandhavgarh


92. The term 'Seigniorage' is related to

(a) Currency

(b) Bonds

(c) Stocks

(d) Crude Oil


93. The theme for International Women's Day (March 8,2019) is

(a) Think equal, Build smart, innovate for change

(b) Be bold and ready to fight Gender Discrimination

(c) Empower Yourself

(d) Be a Role model for others


94. Article -21A of the Constitution of India deals with the

(a) Right to Employment

(b) Right to Food

(c) Right to Education

(d) Right to Property


95. April 22 is celebrated as

(a) Earth Day

(b) World Book Day

(c) World Health day

(d) World Heritage day.

96. Which state is the largest producer of coal in India?

(a) West Bengal

(b) Odisha

(c) Andhra Pradesh

(d) Madhya Pradesh


97. Which river forms its delta in Odisha?

(a) Godavari

(b) Mahanadi

(c) Narmada

(d) Tapti


98. 'NAINA' is a new city to be set up around which of the following airports?

(a) Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi

(b) Rajeev Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad

(c) Navi Mumbai International Airport, Mumbai

(d) None of them


99. Capital of Hungary?

(a) Budapest

(b) Athens

(c) Prague

(d) George Town


100. Train 18 named Vande Bharat Express is built in which country

(a) India

(b) France

(c) USA

(d) Russia

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