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2nd Semester
Front Office MCQs

1. Full published room rate which does not contain any discount.

a) Rack Rate

b) BAR

c) Non-refundable Rate

d) Last minute Rate

2. FIT stands for

a) Flexible Image Transport

b) Fault Isolation Test

c) Free Individual Traveler

d) Fitness Introductory Training

3. Which of the following is an example of an Unsound Hotel

a) Ice Hotel

b) Chocolate Hotel

c) Single Room Hotel

d) All of the above

4. _______ is an arbiter time that is supposed to be the end of financial transaction for a particular day .

a) End of day

b) Middle of day

c) Beginning of day

d) None of the above

5. Check-in time is the time when a guest arrives in a hotel for the purpose of stay only .

a) False

b) True

6. As per which system , a particular time of the day is fixed as the check-out time ?

a) Day to day system

b) 24 hour system

c) 12 noon check-in / check-out system

d) None of the above


7. It is an array of metal file pockets designed to hold room rack slips that display guest and room status information.

a) Room rack

b) Mail and message rack

c) Information desk

d) Folio bucket

8. Under this plan, guest is offered only accommodation .

a) Continental plan

b) American plan

c) Modified American plan

d) European plan

9. EMT stands for

a) Emergency medical technician

b) Early morning tea

c) Electrical metal tubing

d) Email money transfer

10. This plan is also known as ‘all inclusive plan’ or ‘full board ‘.

a) American plan

b) Continental plan

c) European plan

d) Bed and breakfast plan

11. Temporary credit facility given to guest is known as Go Plan .

a) True

b) False

12. Resort hotels prefer AP/MAP because

a) They may be situated in an isolated area with hardly any restaurant in the vicinity

b) The hotel itself benefits from this plan .

c) EP, CP, BP are the popular plans adopted in Commercial and Transit Hotels .

d) All of the above

13. Lowering of rates to increase occupancy levels , especially during off-season is called

a) Rate cutting

b) Inclusive or non-inclusive rate

c) Market tolerance

d) None of the above

14. It is the amount gained if a sum of money was invested in the open market

a) Return on investment

b) Return on interest

c) Net income

d) None of the above

15. Rates offered to guest using room for few hours

a) Day and half-day rate

b) Weekday and weekend rate

c) Group rate

d) Advance purchase rate

16. How much GST is being charged by a luxury hotel ?

a) 12%

b) 18%

c) 28%

d) None of the above

17. Under this plan , guest is offered accommodation along with two major meals and two minor meals .

a) American plan

b) European plan

c) Continental plan

d) None of the above


18. Under Modified American Plan , guest is offered accommodation along with one major and one minor meal.

a) True

b) False

19. Commercial hotels prefer EP/CP/BP because

a) they are situated in the urban areas , there are bound to be numerous restaurants in the vicinity.

b) the hotel may not have particular cuisine which the guest likes .

c) hotels being situated in an urban area would get plenty of city guests in their restaurants .

d) all of the above


20. _______ is a room rent determination technique that covers the basic cost of operations at a given level of service .

a) Market based pricing

b) Cost based pricing

c) Cut pricing

d) None of the above

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