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1st Semester

Food Production MCQs

1. Cauliflower comes under the category of 

a. Brassica
b. Root Vegetables
c. Tubers
d. Shoot Vegetables

2. Rosemary is an example of 

a. Flower 
b. Herb 
c. Fungi
d. Brassica

3. Parsley is an example of

a. Herb 
b. Flower
c. Fungi 
d. Lettuce

4. Who is responsible for announcing the orders in the kitchen

a. Aboyer 
b. Commis
c. Apprentice
d. Communar

5. Fond de cuisine refers to

a. Stock 
b. Soup
c. Sauce
d. Griller

6. Chef de cuisine is the head of the kitchen

a. True 
b. False

7. Inter-departmental co-ordination is important

a. True 
b. False 

8. Macédoine is vegetable fabricated into small roundels

a. True 
b. False

9. Chiffonade is a type of

a. Fabrication 
b. Lettuce
c. Fruit
d. Sauce

10. Tartare sauce is a derivative of Veloute sauce

a. True
b. False 

11. Espagnole sauce is

a. White sauce
b. Brown sauce 

c. Emulisified sauce
d. Cold sauce

12. Chef coat should be

a. Clean
b. Comfortable
c. Well Ironed
d. All of the above 

13. Brunoise is a classical cut of vegetable

a. True 
b. False

14. Sous Chef is junior to

a. Executive Chef 
b. CDP
c. Commis
d. Apprentice

15. CDP stands for

a. Chef de partie 
b. Chef de poisson
c. Chef de pomme
d. Chef de patisserie

16. A stock should be seasoned at all times

a. True
b. False 

17. Sachet d'epices is 

a. Mirepoix
b. Bouqet garni 
c. Stock
d. Sauce

18. Rocket is a type of

a. Space Ship
b. Lettuce 
c. Fruit
d. Fungi

19. Mint leaves comes under

a. Herbs 
b. Roots
c. Fruits
d. Flowers

20. Iceberg is an example of

a. Lettuce 
b. Root Vegetables
c. Fungi
d. Fruit Vegetables

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