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6th Semester

Facility Planning MCQs

1. What does the following statement denotes?
It is a group of events/ tasks working towards the achievement of an objective within stipulated time and cost.

     A. Activity 

     B. Project

     C. Task 

     D. Network Diagram

2. Which among these is a type of hotel located on Hill Stations?

     A. Floatels

     B. Motels

     C. Resort

     D.Suburban Hotels

3. Which classified Heritage property was built between the year 1920-1935?

     A. Heritage Grand

     B. Heritage Classic

     C. Heritage

     D. Downtown Hotels

4. Which categorized star hotel must have at least 60% skilled staff?

     A. 1 Star 

     B. 2 Star

     C. 4 Star

     D. 5 Star

5. Which among these is not an example of blueprint?

     A. Plinth

     B. Elevation

     C. Detail

     D. Mechanical

6. ___________ is a document setting out the nature of the activity proposed and the justification for the selection and commitment of resources of the activity.

     A. Project Report

     B. Blueprint 

     C. Task

     D. Network Diagram

7. ____________ is a series of drawings show in the layout of the parts of the buildings: the rooms, doors and windows and details that would have been described in thousands of words.

     A. Project Report

     B. Plinth Area

     C. Carpet Area

     D. Blueprint

8. _____________ is the ratio of the total floor area of the buildings on a certain location to the size of the land of that location.

     A. Floor Space Index

     B. Carpet Area

     C. Plinth Area

     D. Circulation Area

9. _____________ is the useful area or livable area of the room.

     A. Circulation Area

     B. Carpet Area

     C. Plinth Area

     D. Floor Area

10. Floor Area = _________________ - Area occupied by the walls.

     A. Carpet Area

     B. Circulation Area

     C. Plinth Area

     D. Room Area

11. __________________ is the type of Hotels that provide gambling facilities and attract people by arranging  extravagant floor shows and booking flights for guests.

     A. Suite Hotel

     B. Convention Hotel

     C. Casino Hotel

     D. Resort

12. ____________ hotels are situated in the vicinity of airports.

     A. Airport 

     B. Motel

     C. Floatel

     D. Downtown

13. _____________ hotel providing highest level of personalized services to their guests.

     A. Suite 

     B. Business

     C. Casino

     D. Commercial

14. Hotels having rooms between 100-500 rooms are classified as ____________ hotels.

     A. Medium

     B. Large

     C. Very Large

     D. Small

15. ______________ hotels are similar to time share hotels in concept.

     A. Condominium

     B. Franchise

     C. Proprietary Ownership

     D. Heritage

16. Below-grade parking is commonly known as ____________ parking. 

     A. Composite Parking

     B. Underground Parking

     C. Above-grade Parking 

     D. On-Grade Parking

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