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5th Semester

Housekeeping/ AO MCQs

NOTE: If any of the answer is wrong, let us know and we'll rectify it,

The Questions below have been discussed on our Discussion Group.

1. What is the Full Form of AIL?
1. All India Ltd
2. Air India Ltd
3. Area Inventory List
4. Artificial Intelligence

2. Area Inventory lists can be used as a basis for developing
1. Performance Standard
2. Productivity Standard
3. Par Levels of Supplies
4. Inspection Checklists

3. Which of the following is used to plan the work of the Housekeeping Department by specifying items cleaned and maintained by HK Staff?
1. Job Breakdowns
2. Performance Standards
3. Work Orders
4. Area Inventory Lists

4. If the time available for guestroom cleaning during work shift is 6 Hrs and 48 Min and each room attendant is expected to clean 17 Guestrooms per shift, the time it takes for one room attendant to clean one guest room is 
1. 18 Minutes
2. 20 Minutes
3. 24 Minutes 
4. 28 Minutes

5. A report that indicates how often each item needs to be cleaned or maintained is known as:
Area Inventory List

1. Frequency Schedule 
2. Performance Standard
3. Productivity Standard

6. An acceptable amount of work that must be done within specific time frame
1. Area Inventory List
2. Frequency Schedule 
3. Performance Standard
4. Productivity Standard

7. Intensive or specified cleaning undertaken according to a special schedule or on a special-project basis
1. Area Inventory List
2. Deep Cleaning Program
3. Special Cleaning
4. Productivity Standard

8. Which of the following is NOT included in a job design
1. Identifying what tasks need to be carried out
2. When and how tasks are to be carried out
3. The number of tasks to be carried out
4. The payment rates for the tasks carried out

9. What should your first action be when treating an electric burn?
1. Ensure that the causality is still breathing
2. Wash the burn with cold water
3. Check for damage and ensure that contact with electrical source is broken 
4. Check for level of response

10. How should you open the airway of an unconscious causality?
1. Head tilt and chin lift
2. Jaw thrust
3. Head tilt and jaw thrust
4. Lift the chin

11. What is the Full Form of ABC in terms of First Aid?
1. Airway: Breathing: Circulation
2. Airway: Breathing: Cardio
3. Airway: Breathing: Care
4. Airway: Breathing: Check

12. The meaning of Asphyxia is
1. Convulsion
2. Concussion
3. Suffocation
4. Choking

13. Planning a duty roster in advance helps to ensure:
1. The exact number of staff required to be on duty at any given occupancy
2. That staff working hours are as per their employment contract
3. Accuracy in attendance and payroll reports
4. All of the above 

14. ____ is carried out when an old employee has to be re-trained to refresh his/her memory
1. Remedial Training
2. On-the-job training
3. Cross training
4. None of the Above

15. The meaning of acronym HRM is
1. Human Relations Management
2. Human Resourceful Management
3. Human Resource Management 
4. Humanistic Resource Management

16. A job description covers the following aspects
1. Age Limit
2. Scope of job
3. Mental Traits
4. Personality

17. This is carried out for the old employees when there is a change in the present working style:
1. Refresher Training
2. Remedial Training
3. Cross Training
4. None of the above

18. ____ is NOT a technique involved in time and motion study.
1. Process Chart
2. Pathway Chart
3. Operation Chart
4. Column Chart 

19. Factors that influences the productivity standard of a hotel are:
1. The Type and Age of the property
2. The quality of employees
3. The types of surfaces involved
4. All of the above

20. A document that list all the guest and employee areas of the hotel property and delegates responsibility for the cleaning and maintaining of each area:
1. Area Inventory List
2. Performance Standard
3. Division of Work Document
4. None of the above  

21. Horticulture deals with the
1. Care of the guest 
2. Upkeep of gardens
3. Maintainance of Equipments
4. All of the above

22. Time study is:
1. Analysing the movement involved
2. Selecting the most efficient working system
3. Mostly observing and recording the time required for performing each detailed task of an operation 
4. All of the above

23. Simulation training
1. takes place in a classroom by means of workshop, demonstration, lectures, etc.
2. teaches the learner how to perform certain tasks or activities in various real-world scenarios.
3. All of the above.

24. How often should employees receive training for Housekeeping standards
1. Annually 
2. Upon Hire
3. At Regular Intervals
4. All of the above

25. The division of work needs to be drawn: 
1. At the onset of operation 
2. After making the AIL
3. While doing time and motion studies
4. None of the above


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